Foundation Takes Maltese

Lisban Quintero led Foundation to first place in the NYC Team Invitational. Zak Abdullah of CRCA/FGX duplicated his recent club results by winning the Cat 4 race and Heidi Reijm was awarded first place in the Women’s 3/4 race.


Mengoni Sweeps Mengoni


Amaury Perez and Neil Bezdek took one, two in the Mengoni Grand Prix for the GS Mengoni team. Camie Kornely won the women’s race and Jeff Cline the Cat 3 race. The Juniors race was won by Evan Kirk.


How Others Do It – Velo Club LaGrange

While I think CRCA does a lot of great things and could very well be the best club as well as the largest in the country, it is interesting to see how other clubs do things. I kept running into Ariel Amster riding in the park and found he used to be a member of…