To make it possible for the club to hold races in Central Park, Racing and Season Pass members must marshal during the racing season (March through November).

The NYC Parks Department requires CRCA to station marshals on race courses to ensure the safety of racers and other park users. Marshals also serve as ambassadors of the club for those who stop to ask for information.


I. Marshaling Requirements


Racing and Season Pass members are expected to complete two marshal credits each year. The CRCA Board reserves the right to increase this requirement to three credits if it determines that additional marshals are needed to meet the club’s obligations.

LifeDonor, Junior, and Associate members do not marshal.

Each Club Race and Open Race typically count for one marshal credit. Certain marshaling activities may count for double credit (e.g., Bear Mountain Classic). Please note that for 2016, Orchard Beach and Grant’s Tomb provide only one marshaling credit.

Racing and Season Pass members must sign-up for their marshaling requirements in order to be eligible to participate in club races.


II. Registration


Sign-up for marshaling is done through the Members section of the website.

Once a member has chosen a marshaling date, they may not change from that date until the minimum number of marshals is met. Once the minimum number of marshals for a date is reached, members may change their marshal date to another date. This is done through the “Manage Marshal Dates” tab in the members section of the website.

Please note that the marshaling system locks 14 days prior to each race to prevent a marshal shortage. Members will not be able to reschedule their marshal commitment inside of this 2 week window. If a member cannot make that commitment, they are responsible for finding a substitute for that date (see below).

Members should not register for more marshaling credits than are required by the Marshal Director. Generally, this means that members should not be registered for more than 2 credits of marshaling unless (i) they are resolving a suspension, (ii) the CRCA Board has increased the marshaling requirement.

Marshaling assignments are published on the CRCA website at least one month in advance of any race. If a member’s name appears on the assignments list, they are responsible for marshaling on that date or for furnishing a substitute.

Members assigned as marshals for a date will, as a courtesy, receive an e-mail reminder of their upcoming duty to marshal. This e-mail should be received the week before the assigned marshal date. Please note that, in the event that members do not receive a reminder, due to a system failure or for any other reason, members are still responsible for marshaling on that date.

Pace Driving

Members who have motorcycles can be assigned as pace drivers. Please indicate on your membership renewal form if you will be available to serve as a driver, and coordinate any motor pacing dates with Stephen Chang (stephenkkchang[at]


III. Suspension


Members that miss a marshal date, for any reason, are suspended, and will be placed on the club’s suspension listA suspended member is not permitted to race in Club Races. 

A suspended member who is inadvertently allowed to enter a club race will forfeit any placing and winnings for that race. Additional penalties, to be determined by the CRCA Board, may also be imposed.

Removal from Suspension List

Members that miss a marshal date must make up for that date prior to being allowed to race. In other words, to be removed from the suspension list and be permitted to race, a member must first register for another marshaling date and fulfill their marshaling requirement for that date (make-up date).

In the event that a member misses their make-up date, they will be penalized with an extra marshaling date (penalty date). For example, a member that misses their initial make-up date will have to marshal twice before being removed from the suspension list —  one time to cover the initial missed date (make-up), and a second time to cover the make-up date (penalty).

Suspended members are responsible for making up all missed dates and must make arrangements for doing so with the Marshal Director. Please note that, unlike previous years, a member may not show up on the morning of a race and volunteer to have a suspension removed without prior approval.

Suspensions carry across from year to year. Members on the suspended list for failure to marshal at the start of a year must marshal twice as many times as the number of marshal dates missed in the preceding year (make up date plus penalty date for each date missed). Members on the suspension list at the start of a year will not be assigned new dates until the prior year’s suspension is made up.


Subteams are responsible for ensuring that their team members comply with the marshaling policy.

Any subteam with a member on the suspension list will not be able to score Team Cup Points. This applies to the race during which the member failed to marshal and to any future races, until the suspension is cleared (i.e., the marshaling duties required to clear the suspension have been completed).

If any subteam has three members on the suspension list, then the whole team will not be allowed to race any CRCA races until all suspensions are cleared. It is the responsibility of the designated Team Managers to monitor the suspension list.


IV. Substitutes


Members may recruit adult friends or relatives to serve as their replacement. Members may swap dates with another member.

Members may pay someone to marshal for them. CRCA publishes a list of “freelance” marshals here. The arrangement between members and a paid marshal is a private business matter. The Marshal Director will not help members find substitutes.

Members do not have to inform the Marshal Director when they use a substitute. However, members must give substitutes their name and the reason for marshaling (e.g., “getting off suspension”). In order to get credit for marshaling, members must ensure that substitutes report this information to the Marshal Captain.

Members are responsible for all the actions of their substitute. If a member’s substitute does not show up for the member’s assigned marshaling date, that member will be suspended. If a member’s substitute fails to marshal properly (on the phone, etc.), that member will not receive marshal credit.

Members may use a substitute for getting off suspension. Members who are not on the suspension list may use a substitute to race on their assigned date. Substitute must show up to marshal on a bike or blades.

A member’s substitute must sign the USA Cycling Volunteer Release form, which can be accessed at:


V. Marshaling Instructions


Members will receive specific instructions in advance of their marshaling date. General instructions are given below. Please follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of all park users.

Members who fail to follow these guidelines may not receive credit for marshal duty and/or may be suspended. Members are responsible for making sure that their substitutes fully understand and abide by these instructions. Members will not receive marshal credit if their substitutes fail to comply with these guidelines.

Before the Race

Members should:

  1. Arrive at marshal sign-in one hour prior to the race start. For Central Park races, sign in for marshaling is at the car park along Cat’s Paw Hill. Sign-in instructions will be provided for races outside of Central Park. If a member is not in the marshal sign-in line 15 minutes before the start, depending on how many marshals and volunteers show up, they may be considered a no-show. All walk-on members who show up to volunteer for credit are accepted only if they have received the prior approval of the Marshal Director. Members will be assigned a marshaling location at sign-in. They will also be provided with a whistle, a vest, and safety cones.
  2. Sign, bring, and hand-in their USA Cycling Volunteer Release form.
  3. Bring a bicycle, blades, or other means of mobility that allows them to reach their designated marshaling location.
  4. Respect the Marshal Captain and refrain from requesting a specific marshaling location.
  5. In Central Park, find their location by using the nearest lamppost (e.g., E8303=East Drive @ 83rd Street, 3rd post). Stand at outside of the roadway (away from center of park) unless otherwise directed.
  6. Put on their vest. If given cones, members should place them on double white line.

During the Race

Members should:

  1. Be proactive and take ownership of their assigned area (i.e., move debris off the course, etc.).
  2. Not wear headphones, read, take photos, etc., while on duty. Complete attention is required for marshaling.
  3. Be firm but friendly with fellow park users, and warn them that a race is in progress.
  4. Not let pedestrians cross the roadway when a field is approaching. Ask riders who are not racing to move to the edge of the roadway for their safety, but do not direct cyclists into the jogging/pedestrian lane. Ask runners/bladers to move into the jogging/pedestrian lane, and ask dog owners to leash dogs for their protection.
  5. Blow their whistle repeatedly when they hear the whistle from the marshal down the course, when they hear or see the pace vehicle, and when the field is in  up the road begins to whistle. This should also be done even if no other park users are visible.
  6. See if medical help is needed/requested, if an accident occurs. If so, ask a rider from the field or a non-participant to call ambulance, and inform the Race Director or Marshal Captain immediately. Do not administer first aid unless you are a healthcare professional. Marshals should not leave your post unless absolutely necessary. If a rider is down and an ambulance is on the course, marshals must neutralize the field by alerting the moto driver and approaching field. Marshals may need to aggressively wave down to neutralize an approaching field, and should not be hesitant or reserved. A rider or ambulance worker’s safety may depend on proper neutralization.
  7. Not leave their post until the trailing A field moto signals the end of the race to you. If a member is not certain that the race is over, they should call the Marshal Captain. This number should be provided on the instruction sheet marshals receive at sign-in.

After the Race

Members should:

  1. Ensure that the last field (or rider, in an individual time trial, and team in a team time trial) has gone by.
  2. Return to the Marshal Captain for check-out.
  3. Return cones and other marshal equipment.

Weather-Related Cancellation

CRCA races are held rain or shine. Unless there has been prior notice posted on the CRCA site, members are expected to show up to marshal regardless of weather conditions. Marshals may bring a warm coat, galoshes, an umbrella, and coffee.

If members show up to marshal and the race is canceled, members will receive credit for a marshal date. However, if a member does not show up and the race is cancelled, they will still be suspended. If a race is canceled with prior notice, members remain obligated to fulfill a marshaling duty. An alternate date or event must be scheduled as a make-up for races cancelled with prior notice.




As a member of CRCA, I:

  • Understand that my participation in CRCA races is a privilege that depends both on the ability of the club to put on races and on  my own conduct as a club member.
  • Understand CRCA and USAC rules and will follow them.
  • Will do my best to fulfill CRCA marshaling duties and to make up any suspensions quickly.
  • Will not participate in any large dangerous group rides in city parks.
  • Will not ride in the runners lane while racing in city parks nor loiter in that lane after races.
  • Will treat other club members, cyclists and officials, and park users in general with respect.