As a member of CRCA, I acknowledge that:

  • My participation in CRCA races is a privilege.
  • This privilege is dependent upon the ability of CRCA to hold races.
  • This privilege could be lost as a result of the actions of participants and marshals, including myself.

Furthermore, I accept that:

  • I will abide by the rules and rulings of CRCA, USAC, and USADA, including rules regarding fair competition.
  • I will do my utmost to ensure the safety of racers and other Park users while marshaling.
  • I will follow the NYC Parks Department rules of conduct (Central Park Rules).
  • I will not ride in the runners lane while racing or training in City Parks.
  • I will not participate in dangerous group rides in City Parks.
  • I will treat club members, racers, officials, park users, and the public with respect.

I acknowledge that any failure to comply with this code or any policies of the club will subject me and/or my subteam to disciplinary action, as determined by the Board, subject to the requirements of the Club’s By-laws.