Founded in 1898, CRCA is a bicycle racing club in New York City that provides coaching and friendly competition for all ages. CRCA was named USA Cycling Division 1 Club of the Year for 2009.

CRCA holds club races for men, women and juniors in graded races based on ability on most weekends from March through September in Central Park. The club also promotes a number of open races each year. We are the largest racing club in the United States.

The emphasis of the club is development — preparing riders to succeed in open races. Expert coaching is free to members.

Everyone interested in bicycle racing and riding is welcome to join CRCA. There are a number of subteams within the club, but membership in CRCA does not require belonging to a subteam. In fact, new members are encouraged to initially race without joining a subteam. Free CRCA coaching is available to help one’s entry into the sport.

For more experienced riders, subteams give members an opportunity to race using team tactics. Club team competitions exist for the A, B and Women’s fields, and riders compete for their sub-teams in open races. The sub-team system has encouraged innovation and several very prestigious elite teams, including Lipton, HotTubes and Sakonnet, originated within CRCA.

Club race formats include mass start loops of Central Park, points races and time trials. Generally, four races for different ability levels are held at one time, including a separate women’s field.

To race with CRCA, you must become a member of the Club and of USA Cycling the national administrative organization of bicycle racing. CRCA also has a non-racing category of membership that enjoys all the other benefits of the club.

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