CRCA Host Housing Program

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**Please read the “Rider Expectations” section below and the “Rider Host Housing Agreement” prior to submitting a request.

Host a Rider!

Local volunteers are needed to host bike racers from around the country who will be competing in CRCA races here in the New York City region. This unique opportunity offers you the chance to get to know some top riders from the region and the US and get a peek behind the scenes of the racing lifestyle. Lifelong friendships are often formed.

We are looking for host homes to house Riders both men and women from around the world who will travel to New York City for CRCA races throughout the Spring/Summer. Hosting Riders in individual homes is a huge factor in recruiting teams to race and visit our area, especially given how expensive lodging can be in NYC. Please invite your neighbors to consider hosting – this can help provide housing for an entire team in the same geographical area (ideal situation). Please pass this information on to your friends, family and co-workers.

Host families are asked to provide:

  • a comfortable sleeping space, bed or air bed
  • the use of a bathroom and shower
  • use of kitchen to prepare meals
  • counter and refrigerator space
  • use of your washer and dryer (if available)
  • a secure place for the cyclist(s) to store their bicycle at night

Note: You are NOT expected to provide food or transportation.

Will the Riders want to be in my home when I’m not there?

No. They are looking for a place to sleep at night. If you’re willing to let them use your home during the day, that would be nice, but it isn’t required. However, due to the race schedules and some remote locations they may arrive early or late in the day.

Will I have to feed them?

No. Hosts often invite Riders for a meal but it is not expected. Riders will need the use of the kitchen (they will clean up after themselves). They will need the use of your refrigerator and counter space. Some may ask permission to use your washer and dryer, if available.

Will I have to provide transportation?


Will my home be treated like a hotel?

No. Riders stay in many different homes and they would like to be invited back. They know how to be good guests.

Granted, these are nice people. Do they have any other reason to behave well?

You bet. Many of these are sponsored riders and teams. They are very aware that they are representing those sponsors and teams for the entire time they are in town not just when they are racing. They want those sponsors and teams to hear good things about them.

Will I have an uncomfortable conversation with the riders when I define the limits of what I’m willing to do?

No. The Host Housing Coordinator is an advocate for both the Riders and Hosts. You tell us your limits and we will pass it on to the Riders. These Riders are very flexible and gracious guests.

How will I know if I have been accepted as a Host?

We will contact you once you have signed up through the website. You will be notified when host assignments have been made by email and/or by phone. Your Rider guest(s) will also contact you shortly after the assignments have been distributed.

To volunteer, please contact:

CRCA Host Housing Coordinator

Rider Expectations

Will you be allowed in a Host’s home while they are away?
Most likely. Remember, this is not a hotel. Hosts have gone out of their way for you to stay at their home. Please be respectful at all times and use the areas they have told you is okay and by all means clean up after yourself immediately.

Will they feed you?
No. Hosts often invite riders for a meal but it is not expected. You are expected to plan ahead and bring your own food. You will have the use of the kitchen, some space in a refrigerator (may be located elsewhere) stove, etc. and counter space.

Please do not:

  1. Co-mingle your food with hosts food.
  2. Leave any appliances on and unattended.

Will I have a place to do laundry?
If your host has a washer and dryer you can use them with their permission, however many Hosts in New York City may not have washer/driers in their apartment. Please always ask to use their washer and dryer to make sure you don’t interfere with your Host’s schedule.

Where will I shower?
Your Host will have a shower for you to use. You may have a shower just for you or you may have to share it with the Host family. If you are sharing with the Host family always ask if they need it first. In any event always clean up after each use.

Will Hosts provide transportation?
Typically not unless the Host offers.

What else do Hosts expect of me?
Hosts expect riders to respect their home and furnishings. If something gets damaged or broken tell them immediately. They’ll find out eventually and it’s better from you than if they find it on their own.

Is it okay to leave a thank you gift for the hosts?
Absolutely! Some examples are: Signed Team Poster, Team T-shirt, anything cycling related is good.

Lastly, always leave your Host’s home in the same or better condition than when you arrived.

For more information, please contact:

CRCA Host Housing Coordinator

Rider Host Housing Agreement

Please review the Agreement below. All Riders accepting host housing must accept the terms of this Agreement.

  1. Host Family Arrangement. At the request of the Rider, Century Road Club Association (CRCA) will endeavor to locate for the Rider a Host for the selected Host Event. CRCA will provide assistance as it desires in making arrangements for the Rider to stay with a Host.
  2. Rider Acknowledgments. In seeking to locate a Host for the Rider for the Host Event, the Rider agrees that:
    • Any services provided by CRCA are voluntary and can be withheld at any time within CRCA’s discretion.
    • CRCA does not insure or indemnify against any conduct or actions of the Rider while on the premises of the Host.
    • The Host shall have full authority to set rules and regulations for the use of their property by the Rider and shall be entitled to terminate such use at their option, without any prior notice to CRCA or the Rider.
    • The Rider shall conduct himself/herself in full accordance with any requirements of the Host for use of their premises.
  3. Indemnification. The Rider assumes complete and total liability responsibility for his or her actions while on the premises of the Host and does and will indemnify and hold harmless CRCA and the Host for and against any loss, damage or expense arising from the actions or inactions of the Rider while upon the premises of the Host.
  4. Host Benefit. The Rider agrees and acknowledges that this agreement is for the benefit of the Host, as well as CRCA, and thus the Host shall be entitled to rely on and separately enforce the terms and provisions in this Agreement for hosting the Rider on their premises.
  5. Miscellaneous. The parties agree that this Agreement represents the entire understanding between the parties hereto. This Agreement shall be bound by the laws of the State of New York.