USA Cycling requires event waivers for all USA Cycling Races and Events.


USA Cycling Event Release Waiver

All members must use this waiver to participate in each Open Race.

Associate and Racing members must use this waiver to participate in each Club Race.

Season Pass and Donor members who have filled out a Series Waiver (see below) do not need this waiver to participate in Club Races.

2016 USAC Event Release Waiver


2016 Season Pass Waiver

This waiver is for Season Pass and Donor members for Club Races and the Women’s Development Series p/b Hatchmap. Season Pass and Donor members are only required to fill this waiver out once to participate in the entire race series.

For 2016, the series permit number is 2016-524.

Members can drop the waiver off at the Club’s number pick-up parties, or at their first race. Members can also submit their waivers by e-mail, to waivers[at] To be accepted, waivers must be scanned in full size, and every field must be filled out.

2016 USAC Series Release Waiver


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