This year’s number pick-up parties will be held on Monday, February 29 (5-8PM) and Wednesday, March 2 (5-7PM), at Veselka.

Veselka will be offering $4 beers and a beer and plate of pierogies for $10! On both days, a $5 gift certificate will also be given to the first 50 members picking up a number that day.

Season Pass and Donor members will be able to drop-off their series waivers, which are available here. Members can also submit their series waivers by e-mail, to waivers[at] To be accepted, waivers must be scanned in full size, and every field must be filled out. The series permit number is 2016-524.

Members who are not able to attend the events may pick up their numbers at their first race. Members should arrive early for number pick-up on a race morning.

Club Race 1 is a 06:30 AM start, so early number pick-up and waiver drop-off means a less hectic race morning and maybe a chance to sleep in a little longer.

Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy some food and drink in the company of your fellow club members!

The events are also a great opportunity to back a generous and enthusiastic supporter of NYC cycling and racing. Veselka is now in its fifth year of team sponsorship, and has worked with Transportation Alternatives for many years. Tips will be kindly appreciated.

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