Good afternoon from your friendly membership director.  It’s been a lot of waivers and USAC Authorizations to Ride, but we’re finally at our first roster draft.  I’ve attached it here.  I ask everyone to please do a few things:

  • Take a quick look, especially if you’re racing tomorrow, to make sure not only that you’re clear to race but you’ve got the right number.
  • If you haven’t picked up your number yet, have no fear, we’ll have them ready to pick up at the race.  Please come early,  please know what your number is, and please have your USAC license out and ready.
  • IF YOUR NAME IS IN PURPLE: You are NOT cleared to race, and its because of something critical.  You are either suspended due to not marshaling last year, you do not have a valid USAC license/number in our system, or you have not taken a new members race clinic (mandatory for ALL cat 4/5 racers).  Please get in touch with me ASAP at membership[at] if you were intending to race and you are purple.  Hopefully if its a USAC issue we can get it resolved ASAP.
  • IF YOUR NAME IS IN YELLOW: You are a season pass member (THANKS!) but you have not submitted your season pass waiver.  If you can get them to me by 5pm, that’s great, and i’ll update it.  If not, you MUST bring it to the race tomorrow.  If you submit it digitally i will NOT process it for tomorrow’s race, and then you MUST fill one out on the spot.    The waivers are  available here, please use the 2016 season pass one (the second link), and please fill out EVERY field.  The series permit number is 2016-524.  If you do not fill out EVERY line, date, etc., I cannot accept the waiver.

On behalf of the entire board, thanks so much and happy racing season eve!


Draft roster is here: 2016 first race draft roster