The Department of Parks & Recreation generously allows us to race in New York City’s Central Park. In return the Department requires CRCA and its members honor the following rules and regulations concerning cycling races in Central Park.

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Race Particpants are reminded:

  • Never cross into the runners lane while racing
  • Avoid blocking the runners lane during or after the race.
  • Avoid riding bikes on pathways.
  • Respect other parks users at all times.
  • Avoid riding clockwise on the drive after 6:00 a.m.
  • Avoid placing bikes on grass areas, trees or exposed tree roots.
  • Avoid relieving themselves in the landscape.
  • Avoid placing or storing bags on grass.


Marshals are required:

  • To be in a uniform bearing CRCA’s name to be identified by the public.
  • Be briefed on Park rules & regulations by organization before event day.
  • Have a whistle.
  • Be assigned based on the numbers outlined on the chart below; and by the attached
    location list.
  • Have emergency procedure in hand at all times.


To view the Street rules of NYC

Go to Transporation Alternatives

Permit Holders:

  • Must have emergency medical services on site for all races.
  • Must ensure that bike races are completed by 8:30 a.m. in March & November and by 8:00 a.m.
    during April ? October.
  • May not hold time trials.
  • Ensure that baggage stays on a woodchipped or paved surface.
  • Are required to report all incidents to the Parks Department (Please follow emergency procedure
  • Must place informational signs that indicate a bike race is taking place at major entrances to the
  • Can hold a maximum of 15 races per calendar year and can hold no more than four races per
  • Must have motorcycles proceed the field and must ensure that the motorcyclists use a whistle to
    warn pedestrians.
  • Must be responsible for picking up all litter after each race.
  • Lead vehicle must make announcement if they see pedestrian ahead in roadway.
  • All signage, banners, & tents must be approved by Parks staff before the event day.
  • Must give Parks a physical plan that details the specifics of the race / races.
  • Must provide Parks with a damage bond and must sign a contract or letter agreement.
Month of Race       Minimum #    Recommended #
March & November    30           40
April ? Oct         40           53