Thank You!

In light of the last race, the Board would like to thank the Membership for adjusting to the new age of Central Park and the new demands imposed on racing cyclists. The Membership’s behavior before, during, and after the race, adhering to all rules, whether CPC, CRCA, or USAC was excellent. The Club Membership even…


Club Finances

Members, The Board of Directors has completed their review of the 2010 financial results and completed a detailed budget for the 2011 year.  A summary of the last three financial years is included below, along with our budget for 2011. Note 1.Open racing suffered a loss in 2010 in part due to the road closure…


April 2nd Results

Gavin Robertson of Foundation wins in a sprint finish in the A field.  Ryan McGararrity of Siggi’s/NY Velocity wins the B race,  Adam French wins the C field, and Kristin Lotito from Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez wins the Women’s field for a second week in a row.

Results are posted here.