I hope you had some good training this week, our next Club Race is on Saturday, 6:15am start time.

In order to start on time we ask that you show up 30 minutes before the race and even earlier if you need to pick up a number.   Having a release form already printed out can also help move the registration line along quickly so we do not have to cut laps like we did the first race of the season.

I want to remind everyone of the rules already posted on our website so there should be no confusion, the race can run smoothly, and above all we have a safe event for all our participants, as well other activities in Central Park.

* Registration:

You should not be riding backwards or on any pathway in the park.

Racers should approach the Start/Finish area, riding north up Cats Paw Hill, from the Boathouse.

Again, you should not be riding on any pathway used for walking in Central Park.

You can ride into the Rambles Parking lot the same way a car would drive. There is an entrance about 100 meters south of the finish line, you can follow that through the Rambles parking lot to get to the racer registration.

For Marshals, enter the Rambles Parking lot 50 meters from the Start/Finish line. This way there will be 2 separate areas and flow of bike traffic.

Marshals and/or Board members will be present to ensure safety and compliance.

If you are using the Rambles Restrooms, WALK, do not ride.


Approach the Start line from Cats Paw Hill, not from the Metropolitan Museum. Enter the park from E.72nd Street, or other points that allow counter clockwise travel towards the start area.

Listen to the Race Director for final instructions on number of laps, road conditions, and under no circumstances are you to go into the recreational lanes while racing.

The double white lines are effectively an inpenetrable 6 foot barrier!

Do not hit cones when racing! Alert other participants of any road hazards like gravel, sand, glass, branches, potholes, manhole covers, and any other safety hazards or obstacles that would put other in harms way. Do not ride over the “trench” that is on the right side of “Horse Carriage Alley”, there is some erosion in the middle of the road way on the pavement up and down Harlem Hill, etc…

Listen to marshal and pace vehicle/lead moto instructions during the race if there are any fields being overtaken. If being overtaken, move into “double file peloton” formation in the right lane of the roadway and let the passing field access to the left lane to do so efficiently. Your race is effectively neutralized until the passing field is completely ahead of your lead vehicle, and your lead vehicle determines it is safe to resume racing for your field. Alert your field of other dangers ahead, including possible race neutralization due to riders crashing and ambulances on the course in such a way that it is not safe to continue!!!

All of us have been put on notice and have received a collective warning. Marshals and motos will take down numbers and team affiliation to identify to record infractions.

It is the riders responsibility to be present within the 15 minute protest period, as well for finish order and placing of awards and/or team points. Awards must be received on the day of the race in person.

If you violate the rules that allow use to share use of Central Park you will be DQ’d for the day and not allowed to start. It is the riders, teams/team managers, responsibility to know and follow the rules at all times.



Please look for updates from your Board of Directors.

Thanks for reading and educating yourself so that we may have safe racing, and continued use of Central Park to do so.

Dave Jordan
CRCA President