Amaury Perez and Neil Bezdek took one, two in the Mengoni Grand Prix for the GS Mengoni team. Camie Kornely won the women’s race and Jeff Cline the Cat 3 race. The Juniors race was won by Evan Kirk.

The race was run under threatening weather with occasional showers. A heavy downpour before the race left the course slippery. The race was marred by many flats and several crashes.

Podium finishers were
Men Pro/1/2
1.Amaury Perez,GS Mengoni
2.Neil Bezdek,GS Mengoni
3.Anthony Lowe, WS United

Women 1/2/3
1.Camie Kornely, Inonvation Bike
2.Kacey Manderfield, LipSmacker
3.Ann Marie Miller, CRCA/Sanchez Houilihan-Lokey

Men Cat 3
1.Jeff Cline,EECT
2.Frank Arroyo,CRCA/Pacifico Hincapie
3.Kevin Yarde, Northhampton Cycling Club

1.Evan Kirk,Mystic Velo
2.Eli Mernit,GS Gotham
3.Derek Wojtkun,Farm Team Cycling

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