Earlier this year, the CRCA Board of Directors voted to take a strong stance against doping in amateur cycling and adopted an Anti-Doping Policy applicable to club members.  At that time, CRCA Board members met with representatives of Kissena Cycling Club to discuss a joint effort to address the problem.  Those discussions led to a recommendation to New York State Bicycle Racing Association (“NYSBRA”), the New York Local Association of USA Cycling, that any anti-doping enforcement program should be implemented state-wide to ensure that it is operated independently of any particular club or race promoter.  The NYSBRA Board unanimously agreed to implement such a program.

Discussions among NYSBRA, USA Cycling and USADA have been ongoing, and a standard contract between the Local Associations (such as NYSBRA) and USADA to provide access to testing is being developed.  The cost of testing will be approximately $6,000 per event.  NYSBRA agreed to contribute initial funding as well as to allocate a portion of its operating budget to fund this initiative on an annual basis.  For its part, CRCA agreed to make a $2,000 initial contribution and to set aside an annual contribution amount to be determined based on club membership levels.  USA Cycling has also stated that it will match funds contributed by Local Associations for anti-dopng enforcement up to $6,000 a year.

CRCA’s contribution to this initiative is significant.  The Board hopes that with CRCA taking a leadership role by committing necessary funding to implement testing, other entities involved with racing in New York State  will also contribute to NYSBRA’s state-wide effort to eliminate doping in amateur bicycle racing.