By Christophe Jammet

Well, we are officially well into the fall season. the roadies are hibernating and the CX’ers are playing in the mud. Once December comes around it’ll be time to slap on the winter gear, or worse, jump on the trainer, and spend hours upon hours toiling in the saddle. They say races are won in the winter, and we can’t argue with that. However, spending those hours in the saddle doesn’t mean you should subject your body to the uncomfort of the cold and and trainer. That’s where Sportique products come in handy! Sportique’s all natural line of cosmaceuticals is specifically designed for active athletes such as yourselves. Our Century riding creams, embrocations, and other skincare products insure that your skin doesn’t suffer like your muscles will this winter!

SPORTIQUE products are created for and by physically active people, formulated especially for endurance and the demands of any sport, your sport. Our mission at Sportique is simple: to provide you with only the purest possible products, formulated with natural ingredients, free of petroleum or synthetic additives. We use botanicals and naturally moisturizing oils and nut butters. We don’t use any products derived from animal sources: no tallow or animal fat. In fact, we leave animals out of the process altogether as we refuse to test on them. Our products are rigorously evaluated, upgraded and re-engineered to be as effective as possible. We comply with International and European hypoallergenic, microbiological and effectiveness laws and regulations.

Among our extensive skincare line are a few products that we would like to highlight:

• Century riding & chamois cream – Sqortique’s signature All natural, Antifungal, Antimicrobial and Friction reducing athletic cream is finally available in the USA, in stock and ready to ship. This is Sportique’s most popular product. The cream is a balanced blend of botanicals, induced with ozone to help skin repair itself and prevent long-term friction irritations. Century riding & chamois cream eliminates chaffing and friction irritations caused by tight clothes, shoes or sports equipment. Compatible with all natural and polypropylene fiber sports clothing, natural and synthetic chamois in cycling/biking shorts as well as neoprene wet suits.

• The misty, foggy and cold fall/winter/spring of the Mid-Atlantic area creates perfect conditions to showcase the effectiveness of Warming up Cream and Oil, Sportique’s pre or post activity muscle treatments. Use and application will accelerate local blood circulation and provide general toning, producing lasting warmth while stimulating and invigorating your muscles. Perfect for massage before, during or after physical performance. CX races are a perfect venue in which to try them out!

• While outdoor training or racing, don’t let the wind, rain or cold get in your way. Dare to brave the elements with Elements Cream, Sportique’s custom formulated protective cream, made from natural oils and botanicals, with the addition of Durvillea Antarctica, natures own antifreeze. This seaweed species makes a special protein that prevents ice from freezing, allowing it to live in extreme conditions. Harnessed by Sportique to protect your face and exposed skin from the cold, it prevents chaffing and chapping by creating a protective shield. Apply liberally to any exposed skin, making sure to reapply for prolonged exposureto the bitter cold wind and moisture. Your face will thank you when you’re riding up and down 9W like a crazy person in January!

Sportique is proud to sponsor 3 CRCA sub-teams (FGX, Empire, Radical) and we would like to spread the wealth to the rest of the CRCA membership! We are proud to announce that the entire Sportique range of products is available at a 20% discount to CRCA members. Simply head over to see Nelson or Edy at Strictly bicycles and buy any SPORTIQUE product you want! With 20% discount. Strictly bicycles carries our entire Sportique line!

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