Minutes – CRCA Board Meeting – January 5, 2010

Attendees – Jen Saunders (P/R), David Bowen, Tony Slokar, Wendy Nickerson, Chris Forsythe, Sonny Bindra, Mike Green, David Greenberg, Camie Kornely (via teleconference)

I. Next Meeting – February 8th – 6:45 at Sonny Bindra’s office.

II. Registration – Mike Green reported that we plan to open club registration next week. Camie will put a message out to CRCA to request anyone with team name changes or new teams to contact her so that we can have a current list of teams for USCF. The Board discussed membership fees. Wendy Nickerson stated that she will do a more detailed analysis and that it appeared that we might run a deficit of $10-15,000 if we do not raise fees. However, Wendy explained that Jeff Vogel, CRCA’s accountant believes that CRCA has a far greater cash reserve than necessary (cash reserves are approximately $70,000) and that spending down some of this cash as opposed to raising fees was recommended. Wendy believed that there was no need raise the fees given out high cash reserves. The Board unanimously agreed to a $49 membership fee, which would increase to $59 on February 15th.

III. Riding Down Categories – Tony Slokar will make decisions regarding downgrades to lower fields. This will be done on a case-by-case basis and there will be no automatic right to downgrade based on age, etc.

IV. Elimination of the Age Based Marshalling Exemption Rule – Mike Green moved to eliminate the “no marshal rule” over 55 for women, over 65 for men. Unanimous agreed.

VI. Bear Mountain Marshaling – Sonny Bindra will create a separate page regarding Bear Mountain marshaling to eliminate confusion regarding this assignment and marshaling credits and will post this on the CRCA site.

VII. Meeting with Parks – Mike Green reported that he and David Bowen had a meeting with the Parks Department. A race schedule has been provided to CRCA, although the June 6th race may need to be moved due to a Parks conflict.

VIII. Memorial Races for Perry Lee and Pam Shannon – Mike Green moved to have the first club race dedicated to Perry Lee. Wendy moved to have a 2010 spring race named in her memory. Both motions were unanimously agreed to by the Board.

IX. Clinic Races – Jen Saunders suggested having clinic races after the NYCC’s SIG program. Prospective dates – May for women. June for men.

X. Meeting with CPC – Mike Green reported that a meeting was held with CPC. A check for $11,000 was provided to CPC.

XI. Marshal Assignment – The Board discussed the efficiency of marshal sign-ins. It was agreed that we will implement an automatic assignment order so that there is no negotiation regarding where to marshal. The only discretion expected would be to allow re-assignment of women that otherwise would be placed on Harlem Hill. Sonny will organize the marshaling order so that all essential spots are covered first and then the non-essential spots (as mandated by Parks) are then covered. We will try a card system or a list that is ordered to eliminate negotiations.

XII. Club Goals –
The Board then discussed goals for 2010. This was an informal discussion and the Board did not take action with respect to any goals. Items discussed included:

A. Improving relationship with Parks/races
B. Improving entry into sport
C. Having coaches become USCF Certified
D. Junior Team (Tony Slokar reported that Ken Harris will soon submit a proposal for 2010)
E. Open Races – The Board discussed spring Bear/alternatives to Fall Bear in 2011. Possible venues include: Tompkins Square Park, New Paltz, although it was observed that these require a significant commitment of resources that may beyond CRCA capabilities
We also discussed bringing back Orchard Beach as a possible venue to fill in gaps in schedule
G. CPC Bike Safety Program – CPC has asked CRCA to assist with bike safety program which will be on weekends. CPC is interested in a youth cycling program. CPC runs a the Rec Center in the Park and is considering adding a bike riding program. Ana Reyes has bikes from I Challenge Myself, which can be used during the summer for such a program.
H. Lighthouse – The Lighthouse Foundation is interested in creating tandem cycling program for visually impaired.
I. H.S. Mountain Bike Leagues.
K. CRCA History Project

David Greenberg
CRCA Secretary