You can renew or get a new CRCA membership for 2010 starting on Tuesday, January 12.

We have kept all prices the same as last year. A membership is $49 until February 15, when it goes up to $59. Members registering before February 15 will receive their numbers in the mail, others must pick them up at a race.
The dinosaur flat fee for all club races remains $100.

Take a look at the race schedule to help you select your marshal dates. Selection of marshal dates is a required part of registration and no one can race before selecting all required marshal dates.

The first race of the season is Saturday, March 6. Several rules have changed. While the number of riders per team remains the same, 9 in the A field and 12 in the B field, A riders will no longer be allowed to ride down if their team has too many riders. Cat 3 riders are assigned to the A field. Any Cat 3 rider wishing to ride in the B field must get the approval of the VP of Rider Development. For 2010, we have dropped the B Boyd Award since the best B’s should be upgrading. The A Team Cups and Team Challenge competitions remain. Any rules changes in scoring points will be posted on the website.

Send any questions about membership to membership[at] Send any questions about marshaling to marshal[at]