Registration for Sunday’s Mengoni will be at the Rambles Area of Central Park beginning at 4:40. Please arrive with plenty of time to register and pin your number.  We have to process a high volume of riders in a short amount of time so we appreciate your cooperation.

The finish line will be at Engineer’s Gate.  There will be also be primes on every lap at Engineer’s Gate, including a Gambler’s Prime on the last lap sponsored by NYCVelo.  Please note that in passing situations, the field in front will be allowed to sprint and the field in the back will be neutralized and forgo their prime sprint on that lap.  This is for the safety of all racers and park users, so please pay attention to your lead moto. Under no circumstances are you allowed to pass your lead moto.

As usual, anyone who enters the recreation lane of Central Park will be DQ’d and will forfeit their results and prizes.  CRCA riders who enter the recreation lane will be subject to suspension from the Club.  Please also note that riding on Park paths, including the walkway to the restroom at the Rambles area, is strictly prohibited.

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with race instructions in the 2014 Mengoni Grand Prix Race Guide.

Do not ride in the recreational lane. Do not ride your bike on the paths.

Prize payouts:

Prize List
Men’s P12
1st 500
2nd 400
3rd 300
4th 200
5th 160
6th 140
7th 120
8th 90
9th 50
10th 40
Men’s – Primes (x7)
1st 285
Woman’s P1234
1st 300
2nd 200
3rd 160
4th 120
5th 80
6th 60
7th 40
8th 40
Women – Primes (x5)
1st 240
Men 3 – Individual
1st 120
2nd 80
3rd 65
4th 50
5th 30
6th 25
7th 20
8th 20
Men 3 – Primes (x5)
1st 100
Men 4 – Individual
1st 60
2nd 50
3rd 40
4th 30
5th 20
Men 4 – Primes (x5)
1st 75