CRCA is launching a new off season training ride program to help newer racers develop their skills.
Racing for the first time can be a little daunting. New racers need to train to have the necessary fitness but just as important is learning to ride in a pack.

The program will allow newer members and members not on teams to join CRCA sub-team training rides. Getting to ride with more experienced riders is a great way to learn. These training rides should help newer racers acclimate to riding in close quarters. We want to hold these rides on weekends from now until the season starts in March. Besides current club members, people who are looking to start racing in 2011 are welcome. All rides are free of charge.

It was mentioned critically that these rides can serve as recruiting rides for teams. Well, it’s a good thing to find a team that you fit in with. Getting a chance to ride with different teams is also a great way to learn.

Helping new people get into the sport has always been a CRCA priority. This program supplements the CRCA coaching program. It is hoped that every sub team will participate.

The teams that have signed up so far are:

Oct. 30/31 Nov 6/7 7am from 120 and Riverside

Endurance/Tempo 40-50 miles leaves 72nd and RSD – every Saturday until Thanksgiving

Dave Jordan Coaching/Zephyr Grafitti
11/6, 12/4, 1/8
7:30am, Meet at NJ side of GWB, on NORTH SIDE of GWB, to reduce congestion at the bottleneck/small ramp coming off the bridge.
4 hours with a bit of every type of terrain. No Drop/Regroup after any tough hills…
Helmets mandatory.
Bikes in clean good working order: tires, wheels, gears, chain, brakes, etc…
Dress appropriately for the weather and exposure.
“2-3 bottle ride”

Email Dave directly with any questions,

Foundation Open Training Rides
Dates 11/13; 12/4; 12/11; 12/18 (all Saturdays)
Meet 7.30am at NJ side of GWB, back by 10 am -10.30 am. Tempo ride in a cooperative single rotating paceline. Maybe some structured exercises, but main thing is base-building.

Every Saturday 6am 72nd and RSD

11/07 & 11/14 – both Sunday, 8:00 AM at NJ side of GWB
Rain cancels, endurance ride of 3-4 hours with paceline
Both men and women riders are welcome

In addition to the sub-team rides, Scot Willingham, MA, ACSM, CSCS and Level 1 USAC cycling coach who rides with Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez is offering through his training business a Skills Ride for the next 3 Sundays. This ride targets novice racers and those who have phobias/anxieties about pack riding. The session begins with an exercise/familiarity session and then does a ride to State line using techniques substantiated by research to gain experience with contact and unpredictable riders, thus lessening anxiety by familiarity and successful practice.

Ride dates: Sunday, Oct. 24, 31, Nov. 7
Ride time: 9 AM
Meet @: 110th St & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd

Bring 2 full water bottles and a bar or Gu. Part of the skills is eating and drinking in a pack.
Rain does NOT cancel.

Endurance Werx
Ride to Bear Mtn. 10/23 leave NJ side of GWB promptly at 8:30