We have managed to fill all of the spots for the 2011 board. Gabby Fisher has decided to challenge Dave Jordan for the presidency. Rob Weitzner volunteered to take on the important position of Marshal Director and Sonny Bindra has volunteered to be the Director of Open Racing. Rob and Sonny should be commended for taking on these tasks. Without them we could not put on any club or open races.

The following people are running for the 2011 board

President – Dave Jordan,Gabby Fisher
VP of Rider Development – Scot Willingham –
VP of Club Racing – Zak Abdullah
Treasurer – Matthew Vandivoort
Secretary – Rod Millot
Director of Membership – Robert Duncker
Director of Marshaling – Rob Weitzner
Director of Public Relations – Jennifer Saunders
Director of Communications – Chris Forsyth
Director of Teams – Chris Loudon
Director of Open Racing- Sonny Bindra