CRCA Board Meeting Minutes

March 31, 2015 at 7:00 PM

300 E. 85th St.


Present: Liz Marcello (president), Tomi Ketcham, Alexis Kraft, Lisa Vandivort, Lucia Deng, Ann Marie Miller, Randy Locklair, Matthew Vandivort, and Joe Grgic. Absent: David Carr.


Items Discussed and Voted: 

  1. Sub-team rules for 2016

Kit Logo: Beginning in 2016, all sub-team kits must have the circular CRCA logo on the sleeve (just below the shoulder). Following the 2015 grace period, the “CENTURY” logo is no longer acceptable. Alexis will send around the updated logo to all sub-team captains.

Sub-team field limits: The board discussed possible changes to sub-team field limits for 2016 (increase for Men’s A? Separate caps on M3 and M12?) but no formal proposal was made. Discussion postponed to later in the year.

  1. Coaching Program

Cyclocross: CRCA will offer CX skills sessions this fall.  Sessions will be free to CRCA members and open to non-CRCA members for $10/session (plus the cost of a one-day license if necessary).

Roster: No immediate changes to the coaching roster, although the Board agrees we should expand coaching staff. This will be up to the 2016 VP of Rider Development and the 2016 BOD.

  1. Closing out Open Racing

Transitioning to 2016: Joe has created a number of documents to help with the tasks involved with Open Racing.

Trailer: Trailer is near full capacity and is difficult to navigate.  Alexis will take the lead on cleaning out the trailer with the help of race staff and/or a sub-team. Excess waivers will be moved to the Club’s storage unit on Riverside Drive (where the archives are stored).

  1. Digital presence and web

Randy will not be returning as Membership Director for 2016 (congrats on the new babe!), but would like to work with the 2016 BOD to streamline some of the Club’s few key activities using the internets – including managing members, generating/posting rosters, etc.

  1. Financials

Update circulated from Ken prior to the meeting. Someone please append to minutes!

  1. Year End Party

Alexis will work with Rapha to host the party at Rapha. The date is set for Thursday, October 8th.

Trophy order will be placed by Kathryn Murtagh in exchange for marshal credit and Liz will work with her to facilitate order.

  1. Town Hall-style meeting:

Though we had discussed doing this in late 2014, it seems that there would likely be little interest. We should instead focus on appropriate questions for the Fall 2015 member poll.

  1. 8Fall Member Poll (DC is open to doing this again or can train his replacement)


David will take the lead on this in collecting key items/topics from the current board to include in the poll.


  1. Future of the Board of Directors

2016: Several members will not be returning to the 2016 BOD but agreed to recruit replacements to run for their positions.

Restructuring of Board: Although we are not in a position to restructure the board because it would require significant revisions to the bylaws (which is a legal matter), the board agreed that we should take on more volunteers, particularly for directing our many open races. These can be volunteers that are compensated with the same perks of being on the board (free membership, no marshal duty, etc.), but with less responsibility than being on the Board. Liz/Matt/Ken will look into what this structure might look like and begin looking for volunteers to fill key roles.

Open racing: Ken has also agreed to look into the cost of outsourcing key components open racing to a company to ease the burden on the volunteer Board. We will re-group on this in a month’s time.

Advertising open positions: Lucia (with Liz’s help) will write an article for on volunteering for the club and being on the board.  We can use this opportunity to describe the responsibilities of each board position and also the responsibilities of volunteer race directors. This will hopefully pique some interest in running for the Board.

Elections: To be held in late October/early November, following the end of season party. We will need to recruit an independent elections committee to handle this.