Ian Harris, guest star J. Gabriel Lloyd and Liam Quigley brave 9DUB and beyond.

Off-season Wrecking Crew at the muffin stop. That’s Liam travelling incognito. Thanks to JG Lloyd for the pic.

No fancy-ass Belize stage races or Mallorca training junkets for CRCA Jr-Dev. This weekend the bulk of the team put in over seven hours in the salty run-off of suburban NJ/NY and Central Park. We discovered that Pascual Caputi and Evan Cooper do not actually need to train in order to ride fast. And we discovered that Connor Sallee does. The final revelation of the weekend happened at the Piermont muffin shop after extensive use of the hills behind Nyack College: muffins are good.

One thought on “Caribbean Training Camp? Ha!

  1. RatherBeBiking

    awwwwww yeah,

    who are those fine young gentleman? who’s the one that took a shortcut because he can’t handle big hills yet?

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