Liam Quigley’s knee and hospital bracelet. Courtesy of Liam. Do I see an art project in the works?

The 2007 season is opening in fits and starts for CRCA JrDev. Two of our neophyte crew made their debut this Sunday at the New York City Spring Series and it wasn’t pretty. Liam Quigley and Khary Ward were riding midway down the category five field on their last lap when the directionally challenged gentleman in front of Liam (hereafter known as “The Squirrel” ) decided that the small divot in the road ahead of him was too large to ride his $2000 wheelset over, choosing instead to take the long way around. The resulting circumnavigation took out innocent Liam’s front wheel and sent our man to the ground. Khary, sitting tightly behind Liam was the next to fall, followed by three other riders. Liam hit his head hard enough to warrant an ambulance ride to St. Vincents. Khary was bruised but otherwise unfazed. The Squirrel unrepentantly soldiered on.
It was Liam’s first race ever. Upon returning from the hospital Liam went straight to wrenching his battered bike back into shape, and is by all accounts looking for redemption next week.
In other news Ian Harris rode solidly in the category four event, taking a brief flyer with Metro-Sanchez strongman Scot Willingham and generally behaving aggressively at the front of the bunch. Despite his efforts the race came down to a field sprint and Ian has not quite mastered the art of the elbow, finishing strongly, but out of the “money”.
The remainder of the team slept in, laid low, and went to SAT prep classes.
In more other news loyal Director Sportif Craig Cook got dragged around Central Park by his fingernails in a large and unwieldy breakaway for the better part of five laps in the 1-3 race. Ah, training.

Notes: Spellcheck breaks Scot Willingham’s surname into the words “Willing” and “Ham”, if anyone is interested.

5 thoughts on “Lesson # 1: Squirrel Avoidance

  1. Anonymous

    good report.. i will see yall next weekend

  2. Khary

    Brillant crash. Broke a couple spokes, Saddle popped out of railing, and cracked up my Helmut. Think I got a concussion too 2+2=5…lol.

  3. Eugene

    That’s a tough way to end your first race. I hope you all (y’all? Ooh, I hate that word. But we don’t have a plural for “you”.) feel better soon. You too, Craig.

  4. Lewis

    Get better soon guys, I’ll see if I can make it out there soon, right now is too cold

  5. connor

    yeah word guys, heal quick and get back out there. sorry to hear about it khary and liam, hope you both feel better soon.

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