CRCA JrDev graduate Amaury Arias (far right) chows down with his new team and some local ladies, at the Sakonnet/CRCA Florida training camp. photo ?: Basil Moutsopoulos

Amaury Arias (left) and Lewis Almonte at the start of the Nancy Morganstern Memorial, Sept. 10 2006 photo ?: Marco Quesada,

CRCA JrDev graduate Amaury Arias will ride for the U-25 team Sakonnet/CRCA in 2007. Amaury, who just received his category three license at the end of 2006, was admittedly a long shot for the squad, which competes nationwide at the elite level. Sakonnet director Basil Moutsopoulos recruited Amaury on the strength of his climbing ability and all around dedication. Anyone who has struggled to keep up with Amaury on an incline would concur with the words of his new director.
“He’s a good kid, “Moutsopoulos told me after a week-long Florida training camp in early January, “he’s talented, he had no problems sitting on the bike for the 6 plus hours each day… and he was cracking me up as well which was great.”
We look forward to watching Amaury progress throughout the 2007 season. This coach particularly longs to see the day when Amaury will put a $@#*&& second waterbottle cage on his @#$@* bicycle!

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  1. mr60%

    Mr 60 thinks you guys rock. Rock on.
    He also wishes that he had this kind of support when he was a student at Brooklyn Tech and was getting his ass kicked by Hincapie, Issendorf, et al.
    Say word!

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