CRCA was formed as a split off from the Century Road Club of America in 1898. Conflict in CRC of A concerned the structure of the organization and the inaccurate recording and measurement of century rides.

Note the all too familiar description of the roads in Central Park; “fair but in need of scraping.”

The CRCA Bulletin was started in 1902 by Capt. C.P. Staubach. Staubach wrote “When The Bulletin Was Born” for the Bulletin’s 10th anniversary issue.

In 1909 the CRCA Bulletin was published together with Cycling Review. New editor Sylvain Segal declares in the April 1909 issue, “it is with the intention of reviving cycling and general good fellowship that once prevailed when everybody rode a bicycle that I take the Editorship.”

From the earliest days, there has been interest in training methods. Benefits of cross training were debated in 1909 Bulletin.

In 1909 the boom of the 1890’s had faded but there was talk of a revival of the sport. In a familiar vein cyclists and pedestrians did not always see eye to eye.

The bylaws from 1912 .

1924 was an active year with increases in membership.