To assist CRCA members in making an educated decision regarding the candidates for the 2015 CRCA Board of Directors, we will be posting statements from each candidate throughout the nomination period.

Candidates were asked to write a brief statement summarizing his or her qualifications for the position, interest and motivation for running.

A description of the roles of each position are included in Section 5 our club bylaws, and anyone interested should feel free to contact a current board member with any questions.

All positions remain open for nomination and nominations (including self-nominations) are accepted through November 10th. Please submit nominations to secretary[at]


By-laws job description: The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and shall represent, or assign a Member to represent, the Association to all outside parties, shall ensure that the agenda at all membership and Board of Directors meetings is carried out, and shall ensure that other elected Officers are pursuing the duties of their respective offices.

Jayson Jacobs*

The 2014 season was one of CRCA’s most ambitious. We saw the return of the Bear Mountain Classic, collaborated on the Harlem Crit for a second year and upheld our full club and open race schedule. In a great position moving into 2015, the Board is committed to providing the best experience for members, which includes reducing the overall cost to participate. I’d like to see continual improvements in effectiveness and efficiency over the next few years. Safety and quality are paramount as we support mindful cycling in NYC and look to streamline racing and results processes for current and future members.

Without a doubt, it is an honor serving the CRCA community and proudly representing the Club in races while working toward that elusive Cat 1 upgrade! Striving to make 2015 an outstanding season, I welcome your thoughts and feedback; don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Liz Marcello 

As VP of Racing, I co-promoted and directed Grant’s Tomb and Orchard Beach, oversaw 12 Club Races, and helped plan and execute Open Races. In response to feedback, I led efforts to improve Club Race results reporting. I also served as Club liaison with city agencies, improving our relationships with NYPD, Central Park Conservancy, and Parks Department, implementing new safety procedures for Park races.

I consider it a privilege to serve as President of one of the most prestigious bicycle racing organizations in the country. I care deeply for the sport and am committed to continuing CRCA’s legacy of producing high-quality races, developing new talent, and providing a supportive atmosphere for members. I bring many years of experience from non-profit, management, and race director and promotor positions I’ve held. I am dedicated to building a productive, professional, and cohesive Board to deliver the caliber of racing that our members envision.

VP of Rider Development

Ann Marie Miller*

I’ve been a CRCA member since 1997, Cat. 1 racer, CRCA VP of Club Racing (2000 & 2001) and VP of Rider Development for 2014. I believe In the CRCA Coaching program. The Coaching sessions I attended as a new racer laid the foundation for my progress as a racer.

I am a USA Cycling Level 2 Licensed Coach, have been a CRCA Coach for seven years, and have assisted with the Women’s Clinic. I have an MA in Applied Physiology from Columbia University, and extensive experience in the fitness industry. I am currently Head Coach for the Performance Center at Chelsea Piers, and hold BG Bicycle Fit Certification from Specialized Bicycles.

My goal for Rider Development is to offer highest-quality coaching, support cycling safety and promote cycling as a lifelong sport. I want to offer educational/social events on sport science, nutrition, training and racing.

VP of Racing

Matthew Vandivort† 

After working closely with Joe Grgic and Liz Marcello on the 2014 CRCA race calendar and assisting Ken Edwards on developing a preliminary 2015 budget, I hope to rejoin the 2015 CRCA Board as the Vice President of Racing with the goal of continuing to improve our club races. I previously served the board as both Treasurer and Director of Open Racing and given the opportunity I would look forward to renewing my commitment to the club as a member of the 2015 CRCA Board.


David Carr* 

I have raced eight years in the CRCA and have served the club the last three years as Communications Director (2012), Director of Teams (2013) and Secretary (2014). Through this experience as racer and board member I have gotten an unusually detailed view of the contributions that the CRCA offers the New York racing community–offering a unique club-racing opportunity in beautiful Central Park along with premium races in the Park and beyond. To my job as secretary I bring several years of experience with different CRCA boards, gifts for effective organization, and knowledge of the kinds of things that need to be on the agenda for the board across different parts of the year.

In 2015 I hope (ideally) to work with Liz Marcello and other returning and new board members on cultivating a more collegial board culture and overall great 2015 CRCA race program.


Ken Edwards*

As the 2014 Treasurer, I have worked hard with the Board on four important fronts – first, with financial discipline and strong record keeping, and through the hard work of the board, I helped turn a $7,000 projected loss into a significant gain for the year. Second, we provided important financial support to the Central Park Conservancy and the Junior Development Foundation. Third, I assisted with infrastructure investment and moved  excess operating capital into better long-term savings. Finally, and perhaps most exciting, I developed a proposed 2015 budget that will reinvest 2014’s profits back into the club and allow CRCA to reduce the club race fee to just $5, making CRCA more affordable going forward.

In 2015 I’ll continue to focus on instilling financial discipline that benefits members, helping the Board prioritize safety during park races and implementing new member initiatives to attract new racers and grow the sport.

Communications Director

Lucia Deng*

Serving as the CRCA Communications Director in 2013 and the second half of 2014 has given me the experience to hit the ground running in 2015. I’ve been a collaborative member of both boards, working well with fellow directors and club members to create content for the website, Facebook and in drafting and editing club communications to members and third parties. My career in the legal industry also gives me perspective on how an efficient and effective non-profit board should run, how to minimize risk to the club and moderate public relations and communications. I hope to be a part of a cohesive 2015 board and look forward to working with everyone to continue the growth our club has achieved in the recent past, while celebrating its tradition.

Public Relations Director

By-laws Job Description: The Public Relations Director shall represent the Association to the media, government and other organizations on all issues of public opinion and attitudes, in order to win and maintain public and government support for the Association, its programs and cyclists in general; and advise the Board of Directors on the public relations implications of the Association Policies.

Lisa Vandivort

As Public Relations Director for the CRCA my goals would be to improve relationships with Central Park users and administration, seek sponsorship for our Club series and Open Race calendar, and promote our race lineup to the broader cycling community.  I have served on the CRCA Board of Directors for two years, in 2012 and 2013 as Treasurer.  In that capacity I improved our financial record keeping and provided tremendous support for CRCA run races, both behind the scenes and on race day. I have also been captain of the CityMD Women’s Domestic Elite team for the past year. I would aim to work closely with all board members to maximize the visibility of the club and derive benefits for our members from sponsorship opportunities.  I hope to get the chance to serve another year and give back to the sport that represents a big part of my life.

Jeff Young 

The 2014 season was my third and I’m amazed at the breadth of the Club’s membership and fantastic racing venue.  As one of the few candidates with no CRCA board experience, I’m excited to contribute a new set of experiences and relationships to the board.

Being mindful of recent events, my primary objective as Public Relations Director is to help the Club replenish the goodwill previously built by the club’s members and leaders.  At a time when many observers are looking to find fault, it’s more important than ever that the Club be proactive in messaging to all constituents (neighbors, Conservancy, parks department and police) that our focus is on the safety and respect of all park users.  The effective conveyance of a positive message to both the cycling and non-cycling communities will help cultivate support for the continuation of the club’s park privileges and facilitation of race program sponsorship.

Membership Director

Randy Locklair 

I believe one of the best ways to strengthen the NYC bike racing community is to continue to grow and enhance our membership.  We must make sure there is a welcoming environment for new racers of all genders, races, and skill levels.  We also must make sure existing members are happy with their membership.  I feel that I can combine my knowledge of the sport, my experiences getting into cycling later in my life, and my life experiences to help CRCA keep growing!

I have spent the last 17 years managing and growing teams in many different capacities in technology, and have also built software to help manage both sports team and non-profit membership and management, so I feel I have many skills to build off of for this role. Plus, anyone who knows about my company hatchmap knows how important equality in our membership ranks is to me!

Marshal Director

Tomi Eugene Ketcham

Over the years I have worked closely with the Columbia Cycling Board, led their rider development, helped organize and promote Grant’s Tomb, captained multiple CRCA teams, helped with kids’ races, and actively raced in the CRCA for 4 years. This year I want to contribute to the NYC cycling scene in a more formal and consistent way, as Marshal Director.

It became apparent this season that some of the rules surrounding marshaling, suspensions, and eligibility were unclear in the manual, and to the riders. For 2015, I would like to work with the board to develop clarity around these rules and share this information with the members. I also noticed that the marshals were alerting and communicating with pedestrians in different ways; I want to work towards norming how each marshal alerts and interacts with other park users to continue the tradition of safe and friendly Central Park racing.

Director of Teams

By-laws job description: The Director of Teams shall be responsible for arranging team contributions to the Association; provide an up-to-date roster of teams and team members to the Board of Directors and as required by others, and maintain liaison with team managers.

Alexis Kraft

As an active club racer and College Program Director, I have the unique combination of skills necessary to perform the role of Director of Teams.  While still a relative racing novice, I am an enthusiastic participant in CRCA.  I have volunteered to help out with the Maltese Kid’s Race and Men’s racing clinics.  These clinics inspired me to get more involved with the Club and sub-teams at the organizational level, with the eventual goal of becoming a team director in the future.  My day job as Program Director has developed the leadership skills required of a board member: managing of 45 faculty and 180 students; putting my dean’s wishes into action; and being an effective public speaker.

As Teams Director, I would translate these skills into maintaining strong ties with team managers, and keeping them up to date about CRCA goals, and their team’s role, in CRCA.

John Eustice†

Developing teams and bicycle racers are my true loves in cycling. I was slated to become a Director Sportif in Europe after my career but realized that I didn’t want to spend my life behind a steering wheel.

The latter part of my racing years were spent creating teams and mentoring young riders – including building the first American team to do a Grand Tour (Giro ’84) and winning many races with our Pepsi-Fanini, and Poland Springs teams.

My hope is that Mike Margarite’s marvelous, televised performance in CRCA colors at Bucks County, and Ann Marie Miller’s multiple world championships, will inspire the club to work towards a more national and international presence. Aim high and the quality of the CRCA teams and their racing, across the board, will rise.

Director of Open Racing

Joe Grgic*

As Open Race Director in 2014, we were able continue the Women’s Development Series, bring back Bear Mountain, and increase the number of opportunities racers could race at Grant’s Tomb and Orchard Beach. In addition, we were able to maintain the high quality of our three Central Park open races.

For 2015, I am looking forward to keeping Grant’s Tomb, Bear, and Orchard Beach as well as our Central Park open races. The Women’s Dev. Series was a great success and I look forward to building on this. In addition, I look to incorporate more race clinics to help introduce new riders to racing and educate them on racing safely. Finally, I look forward to working with NYS Parks, NYC Parks, and the NYPD at other possible venues to race at in NYC!


* indicates incumbent in current position

† Liz Marcello is currently serving as VP of Racing; Matthew Vandivort served as Director of Open Racing in 2012-13 and Treasurer in 2011. Lisa Vandivort served as treasurer in 2012 and 2013. John Eustice was VP of Rider Development 1997-1998 and President 1999-2000.