CRCA from 1909

CRCA Medal from 1909

Registration for new members and renewals is now open. To join the club for the first time click here. Existing club members should click here to log in and then click on “Renew my membership” under “Memebership Links.”

Members must select marshal dates when they join or renew. Be careful when selecting dates. You cannot modify dates online until the particular race date has met the minimum number of required marshals.
Schedule dates are posted here.

Details of race dates will be announced soon by our new VP of Racing, Alex Bremer. We have a strong schedule with 16 club races. Racing starts on March 7.

For the 2009 season we have raised dues by $1. This is to make up for USACycling’s insurance fee increase from $2 to $3 for each rider in every race. Membership dues are $49 if you sign up on or before Feb. 15. After that they go up to $59.

Please note that the CRCA Board has updated the code of conduct to better reflect the situation of the sport and our relationship to the City’s Parks Department. Emphasis is placed on fair and clean racing, and maintaining our privilege of racing in the Park by working with other park users to ensure safety.

The new code is here.

Also be sure to read the Dept. of Parks Rules and Regulations for bicycle racing in Central Park, here.

Department of Parks Rules for Participants in Bicycle Races:

1. Are not allowed to ride bikes on pathways.
2. Should respect other parks users at all times.
3. Should not ride in the wrong direction on the drive after 6:00 a.m.
4. Should not place bikes on trees or exposed tree roots.
5. Should not relieve themselves in the landscape.
6. Should not block the recreation lane during or after the race.
7. Should not place bags on grass.