The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Century Road Club Association was held on Monday, January 5, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at Board member Steve Donaldson’s office at Underscore Marketing on West 23rd Street in Manhattan. Board members Douglas von Bushberger, Sonny Bindra, Greg Ventresca, Mike Green, Chris Forsyth, Wendy Nickerson, Martha Lees, and Steve Donaldson were present.

1. The Club’s new Board members briefly introduced themselves, for the benefit of those returning Board members not present at the December 2008 Board meeting.

2. Club President Mike Green informed the Board of the resignation of Vice President of Racing David Taylor. He further noted that Club member Alex Bremer had expressed interest in the position. After a discussion, the Board members present voted unanimously to appoint Alex Bremer to complete the unexpired portion of David Taylor’s term, in accordance with Article III, Section 9 of the CRCA By-laws.

3. Mike Green updated the Board regarding the status of the Club’s request to the Parks Department for 2009 race dates, noting that the Club had received some requested dates but not others, and would be requesting changes to some of the dates granted in lieu of requested dates.

4. Mike Green initiated a discussion regarding the Board’s goals for the Club for 2009. Topics included:

a. Signage: Mike noted a discussion with Liz Seward, a Club member who also works for the New York Road Runners Club (“NYRRC”), focusing on the fact that the NYRRC uses very visible banners on poles to alert the public to its races in progress. Mike suggested that the Board investigate the feasibility of using similar signs.

b. Marshaling: Various members, including Director of Teams Doug von Bushberger, noted the advisability of reminding members of marshaling basics, such as the need to maintain their posts until all races have completed, and to refrain from taking photographs while on duty. Marshal Director Sonny Bindra proposed that at least one marshal per race be assigned to serve as a riding marshal, to aid Marshaling Coordinator Paulette Meggoe in ensuring proper marshaling conduct. In addition, Doug von Bushberger volunteered to draft a website post reminding members of the importance of properly performing marshaling duty.

c. Open Racing: Mike Green led a discussion of his open racing goals for 2009. Regarding Spring Bear, Mike would like to have more neutral race support for more fields. Mike would also like to see the Club assist with efforts by others to promote open racing in New York City, such as John Eustice’s promotion last year of the Harlem Cycling Classic, or the recent efforts by Christophe Jammet and Jed Kornbluh to promote cyclocross racing on Staten Island. Mike further noted that a member of the local Deno’s Wonder World team, Paul Hochman, is exploring the possibility of holding a criterium race at Coney Island in the parking lot next to the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball stadium. The tentative date for this criterium is May 9, 2009.

d. Communication: Mike Green reminded Board members that, where possible, the preferred practice is to make Board-related documents available via the Yahoo Group files tool.

e. 501(c)(3) Status: Mike Green would like to continue the Board’s efforts, commenced in recent years, to establish a CRCA-related 501(c)(3) cycling foundation.

f. Club History: Mike Green noted that he has become aware of seven boxes of historical material relating to the Club, and suggested that the Board find a way to preserve and make available the material, possibly by scanning it and uploading it to a publicly available site.

5. Mike Green introduced a discussion regarding a request by the Columbia Cycling Team and women members of the Kissena cycling team to race as CRCA members without having CRCA listed on their licenses. Specifically, the question at hand was whether, if Columbia and Kissena riders join the Club, pay membership dues, and perform the required marshal duty, the Club would object if such riders did not list CRCA on their licenses, provided that USA Cycling were willing to waive that requirement. Treasurer Wendy Nickerson suggested that it might be advisable to table any motion on the subject until Vice President of Rider Development Ken Harris could attend, as he had had some previous involvement in the matter. A motion to permit Columbia and Kissena women riders to race in CRCA races under the above conditions was put to a vote, and passed, with 5 members voting in favor, 1 member opposed, and 2 members abstaining.

6. Wendy Nickerson reminded the Board that last year’s Board had voted to dedicate a 2009 race to 1st Sergeant McKay, a servicemember killed in action in Afghanistan who was also a member of the local racing community. Wendy noted that the Board needs to pick a date for the dedicated race, and it was agreed that the May 30, 2009 race, which is the closest race date to Memorial Day, might be an appropriate date. Wendy agreed to follow up with Sgt. McKay’s family on the matter. It was also noted that another option would be to dedicate a Floyd Bennett Field race to Sgt. McKay, as he had participated in races there.

7. The next Board meeting was set for Tuesday, February 3, 2009, at 6:30 p.m. at Steve Donaldson’s office.

8. Following the January 2009 meeting, the Board passed two motions by online vote:

a. Vote to change wording of CRCA Code of Conduct to the following:

As a member of CRCA, I acknowledge that:
My participation in CRCA races is a privilege.
This privilege is dependent upon the ability of CRCA to hold races.
This privilege could be lost as a result of the actions of participants and marshals, including myself.

Furthermore, I accept that:
I will abide by the rules and rulings of CRCA, USCF, and USADA, including rules regarding fair competition.
I will do my utmost to ensure the safety of racers and other Park users while marshaling.
I will follow the NYC Parks Department rules of conduct (hyperlink).
I will not ride in the recreation lane while racing in City Parks.
I will not participate in dangerous group rides in City Parks such as the “night ride.”
I will treat club members, racers, officials, park users, and the public with respect.

A motion to use this wording also included adding a check box for a member to indicate that s/he had never been suspended by a sports organization. This motion passed unanimously (9 “yes” votes of 9 cast online).

b. Vote to change handling of end-of-prior-year suspensions at the start of the current year: The number of missed marshaling dates that resulted in the suspension are to be added to the member’s two marshaling dates for the new season. A motion to handle end-of-prior-year suspensions in this manner passed by 8 of 8 votes cast online.