The series standings for the three open race series have been updated and can be found here.

Men’s 1/2 Series presented by Sids Bikes

The Men’s 1/2 Series presented by Sids Bikes has Michael Boardman in the lead following two strong performances in the ITT’s, followed by Greg Olsen who was victorious at the Orchard Beach Crit and followed up with additional points in the Alpine Hill Climb ITT, and Bryan Dobes in third following his Alpine Hill Climb victory.  Several others are close behind the leaders and with just two races remaining in the series (the Central Park Classic and the Mengoni Grand Prix) there are limited opportunities for riders to score points. Remember that the winner of this series takes home a brand new Cannondale CAAD10 frame courtesy of series sponsor Sids Bikes.

Men’s 3 Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge

The Men’s 3 Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge has a big group of contenders, with a three-way tie for first between Walker Hammean, David Carr, and Anthony Fatuzzo. This series will continue through the next three Central Park Open Races – the Central Park Classic, the Lou Maltese Memorial, and the Mengoni Grand Prix so there are still lots of opportunities for riders to score points.

Women’s 3/4 Series presented by Bike Doctor NYC

The Women’s 3/4 Series presented by Bike Doctor NYC concludes this weekend at the Central Park Classic.  Brittlee Bowman has sown up the series victory but with the series paying five riders deep, there is still a lot to play for as any number of riders are still in contention for the final three placings in the series. This series has included lots of great racing and strong turnout from both CRCA and non-CRCA women – we very much appreciate Bike Doctor NYC‘s sponsorship of the series. Category 4 women don’t forget that there are two W4 open races remaining this year, also sponsored by Bike Doctor NYC.

The Next Opportunity to Score Series Points: the Central Park Classic

The Central Park Classic presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge will happen this Saturday on June 30, and you must register here (this is not a club race, but open). There will be a fun opportunity to socialize and pick up your race number on Thursday June 28, from 6-8 PM at Third and Long, 523 Third Avenue at E35th Street. And you don’t just get a chance to drink booze, but event-sponsor Accelerade will provide samples for the event.