As CRCA prepares for the Lou Maltese Memorial on Sunday July 15th (a race that is part of the CRCA Men’s 3 Open Race Series p/b Accelerade and 2nd Surge) we have updated standing available for all three of the open racing series, including the final Women’s 3/4 Development Racing Series p/b Bike Doctor NYC. If you have any questions about any of the series or the standings please email Matthew Vandivort at openracing[at]

Current Series Standings

CRCA P/1/2 Series presented by SIDS Bikes

Michael Boardman remains in the lead of the CRCA P/1/2 Series on the basis of his terrific time trial performance, but three riders are within striking distance: Greg Olsen, Bryan Dobes and Brian Breach. This series will be decided at the Mengoni Grand Prix on August 11th and the winner walks away with a CAAD10 frame from SIDS Bikes so there is a lot on the line.

CRCA 3 Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge


The Cat 3 Series remains a wide open competition after four races with the winner of each of those races (Walker Hammean, Juan Aracena, David Carr and Anthony Fatuzzo) tied for first, followed closely by another four riders with 7 points each. With the Lou Maltese Memorial coming up this weekend there is the potential for a big shake-up in the standings with one of these riders potentially taking a commanding lead going into the final race of the series, the Mengoni Grand Prix.


The Women’s 3/4 Development Racing Series presented by Bike Doctor NYC concluded with the Central Park Classic on June 30.  The series was won by Britlee Bowman who won four of the six races in the competition.  Second place went to Carol-Lynn Mills and third place went to Renee Engelhardt after a close finish with Aimee Layton.  The series prize pool goes seven deep so several other riders will receive great prizes courtesy of Bike Doctor NYC.


Please remember that each of these series are made possible by the Series Sponsors – without their contributions these series would not exist.

SID’S Bikes is one of the premier bike shops in New York City.  They are a major sponsor of cycling in the region, including via the SID’S CRCA sub-team and  sponsorship of several other teams. In 2012 they are sponsoring the P/1/2 series presented by SID’S Bikes.  To learn more about SID’S visit their website at:

Accelerade and 2nd Surge are the Club’s 2012 title sponsors.  Their sponsorship agreement includes the CRCA Club Race Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge, the Central Park Classic presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge and the NYC Men’s Cat 3 Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge.  For more information on Accelerade please visit

Bike Doctor NYC is title sponsor for CRCA’s 2012 Women’s Development Program, which includes the Women’s Development 3/4 Series and the Women’s 4 Series.  Bike Doctor NYC is also a sponsor for the Women’s Clinic. Bike Doctor NYC offers technical, educational and infrastructural cycling services. Check them out at