With the 2013 road race season passing its midpoint, the CRCA Open Race Series are approaching their conclusion – with just one race left in each of the series.

2013 CRCA Open Race Series Standings


Because the CRCA Lou Maltese Memorial was not included in the CRCA Men’s 1/2 Series p/b SIDS Bike shop there is no change in the overall standings for that series, which will be decided with at the CRCA Mengoni Grand Prix on August 10th. With a CAAD10 frame on the line, courtesy of SID’S BIKE SHOP, this is sure to be a hard fought finale to the end.

Through five of the six races this has been a hard fought series – only a few riders have been able to score more than one, leaving six riders within 3 points of one another, and nearly 20 riders still in contention for the win. The current leader of the series is Michael Margarite (Stan’s NoTubes), who scored 3 points at Grant’s Tomb and tacked on another 10 points at the FBF Classic.

Just behind him are Robin Carpenter (Hincapie Sportswear), the CRCA/Blue Ribbon duo of Bryan Dobes and Zach Koop, Michael Chauner of Garneau-Quebecor and finally Rodrigo Echeverri Conde (Somerville Bicycle Shop).



The Men’s 3 series is targeted at those riders who are excelling in the Cat 3 ranks and preparing to move up to the 1/2 field. The current leader is Blaine Hurty, who has locked up the series win with 27 points thus far courtesy of successful breaks in Grant’s Tomb (2nd place) and the CRCA Dave Jordan Central Park Classic (1st place) and the CRCA Lou Maltese Memorial (1st place)

While the series title may have already been decided, with the Mengoni Grand Prix as the final race in the series there is still everything to fight for with 16 riders still in contention to finish second in the series, including Karl Nelson (EECT) with 15 points and five riders just behind with 10 or 11 points, including the CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O duo of Roger Parmelee and Corey Morenz, Mark Petimezas of CRCA/Foundation, Cole Archambault (Green Line Velo) and Anthony Fatuzzo (CRCA/Velorigin).

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As part of CRCA’s dedication to women’s racing we are proud to offer the CRCA Women’s 4 Series p/b Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles.  This series includes multiple disciplines including the Alpine TT, the Orchard Beach Crit and several races in Central Park. In addition to a terrific prize pool, the races in this series are focused on giving Cat 4 women both race experience and the opportunity to score upgrade points.

This is a tough series to win, as performing well early in the series earns upgrade points that usually means these riders have upgraded to Cat 3 well before the conclusion of the series. Indeed it appears that all of the top ranked riders in the series have upgraded to Cat 3, several of them before even reaching the second Central Park race in the series (which we consider a success given one of the goals of the series is to provide women the opportunity to compete for upgrade points). It will be interesting to see which riders are on the start line for the final race of the series!

Following recent wins at the FBF Classic and Central Park Race 2, Julia Simon (CRCA/Houlihan) has officially locked up the series win with 25 points. But just behind here are a number of riders battling to round out the podium (though its not clear which of these riders have upgraded and which will participate in the final race of the series).

Check out the full series standings in the attached PDF for more information.

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