June 16-17 brought more top results for CRCA members in open races.

Hatch and Hadgis on the Zeppelin Crit Podium

At the Zeppelin Criterium on Saturday June 16 Jeff Cline of Axis took 2nd in the 35+ field, Doug O’Neill won the 55+ field followed by Richard Kazmir, and Helen Hatch and Chris Hadgis (Innervation Fitness/ Stan’s No Tubes Women’s Team) took 1st and 2nd in the women’s 4 field. Full results can be found here.

At the Skyscraper Harlem Criterium p/b Rockstar Games CRCA members took the top podium spots in the cat 4 and cat 2-3 fields, along with other top spots as well. Michael Anderson of Siggi’s NYVelocity won the 4 field by a number of bike lengths followed by Michael Nelson of Six Cycle/RK&O and then Stefan Singer of Siggi’s NYVelocity in 3rd. In the cat 2-3 field Chase Goldstein of Arc Racing took 1st, followed by Zach Koop of Blue Ribbon Translations and then Everhard Paredes of Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTube. Also, Rafael Meran of Foundation got 4th in the Pro-1-2 race, Mihael Ginhina of Targettraining got 5th in the 35+, and Anthony Taylor of Dave Jordan cycling took 1st in the 45+ followed by Chris Chong Tenn of Diehard. Full results can be found here.

Hatch and Hadgis with Mango Prizes after Watermelon Crit


Belated note: also, a couple weeks back on Sat. June 2 at the Watermelon Criterium Michael Nelson of Sixcycle-RK&O got second in the 4/5 field, David Taylor of Eumaeus cycling got 2nd in the Men’s 45+ field, Richard Kazmir (listed as CRCA) won the 55+ field, Beth Renner of Innervation Fitness/Stan’s NoTubes Women’s Racing Team got third in the women’s 1-2-3 field, and in the women’s 4 field a group of four CRCA racers established a breakaway that stuck and lapped the rest of the field, taking all the top spots: Victoria Brumfield of Radical Media with first, followed by Helen Hatch and then Chris Hadgis (both of Innervation Fitness/ Stan’s No Tubes Women’s Team), then Lisa Kennish of Asphalt Green. Nice job all! Full results for the Watermelon Crit. can be found here, and video of the 4 rider women’s  break can be found here.

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