Attendees included: Alex Bremer, Sonny Bindra, Chris Forsyth, Mike Green, David Greenberg, Ken Harris, Wendy Nickerson.
The meeting addressed the following:
1. October Meeting – The October Board meeting was scheduled for October 5th at Sonny Bindra’s office, 6:45 p.m.
2. Minutes – The minutes from the August, 2009 meeting were distributed for Board review and approved.
3. Financials – Treasurer Wendy Nickerson provided an updated financial report. Wendy noted that costs per races have increased, including insurance and payments for moto drivers. In addition, gross revenue appears to have declined approximately 5.3% compared to a comparable YTD period from 2008. Wendy noted that she will continue to monitor CRCA’s cash position. It was unanimously agreed that we should consider later this fall whether we need to increase membership dues or race fees and/or cut expenses. In addition, Wendy agreed that she would set up a meeting with Jeff Vogel (CPA) to address the recommended reserves for the club.
4. Development Stipend Request – The Board received a Stipend Request from Colin Prensky. Colin plans to attend Track Nationals. The proposal will be distributed to Board members. The Board agreed to vote on this online. [Note: an online vote was subsequently – 4 votes for $500 [Green, Gellner, Bremer], 5 votes for $560 [Nickerson, Greenberg, Harris, Forsythe, Bindra], and 1 vote for $660 [Ventresca].]
5. Grassroots Efforts/Training Rides – Mike Green reported discussions with Jamal King, who directs a program at the Recreational Center in Central Park. Mike indicated that the Rec Center is a possible location for grassroots cycling outreach and that Jamal King appeared interested in combined effort. Alex Bremer discussed possible Columbia University Cycling Team involvement in grassroots/junior programs. The Board also discussed whether to set up training rides led by upper category riders to foster a junior program. This issue was tabled for further action.

6. Equipment Purchase Deals – Mike Green raised an issue of whether CRCA should facilitate equipment purchase deals from manufacturers for club members in general and juniors in particular. The Board discussed various possible sources. This issue was tabled for further action.

David Greenberg
CRCA Secretary