It was spectacular weather for the Nancy Morgenstern Memorial Ride that took place on Sunday, Sept. 9 (in place of the Memorial Race which needed to be cancelled this year). A friendly small group of riders gathered at Grants Tomb at 8 AM and were greeted by Nancy Morgenstern’s brother, Yaakov Morgenstern, and his children,┬áNechama and Schmuli (Nancy’s parents were in Israel this year honoring Nancy’s memory). After distributing water bottles to participants, Tara Parsons, Nancy’s good friend and a CRCA coach, talked about Nancy’s passion for racing, especially the Bear Mountain Race, and both she and Yaakov talked about Nancy’s generosity. It was a good reminder of how all of us have broader lives than are encompassed by our racing.

2012 CRCA Nancy Morgenstern participants waiting for the Andiamo Ride motorcyclists to cross 9w

We then departed on a relaxed ride to Piermont via River Road (see picture above at the Alpine circle), heading back for coffee at the Palisades Market. We were delayed a bit by the 13th annual Andiamo Benefit Motorcycle Ride, where we were treated to the sounds and smells of hundreds of leather-clad motorcyclists and reminded of why we are happier riding our bicycles.

Eventually the motorcyclists crossed 9w and we finished up the ride with a brief stop where we started at Grant’s Tomb. These sorts of social rides are great chances to meet members of the club and enjoy relaxed time on the bike. And we remember on spectacular late summer/early fall days like this the day we lost Nancy Morgenstern and other friends and loved ones and all they meant to us.

As we headed out, Tara Parsons reminded us of her Thursday CRCA coaching session on building endurance in the off-season.  Those interested in learning more about making the most of their off-season are encouraged to get a racing release and join her at 7 PM at the North end of the park at Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. and 110th.