White Plains Women's Finish Photo Courtesy of SKN Photography

Club members chalked up some more top wins this month with wins at Hunter Mountain and the White Plains Crit, among others. Nolan Montiel of the Setanta subteam won the 3’s at Hunter Mountain on Sept. 8, followed by Ira Blumberg of FGX. Doug O’Neill won the 50+ field. Greg Galletta of BH Comedy Central took 2nd in the men’s 40+ field. And Barb Blakley of Innervation Fitness/Stan’s NoTubes Women’s Racing Team won the cat. 4 women’s field.

On Sept. Phil Penman of BH Comedy Central showed he was totally back from his May injury, winning the Noxamixon TT on Saturday and then the Mango Seed Sunday Floyd-Bennett Race on Sunday. At the

Carol Gale and Sarah Sauvayre on Podium at White Plains Photo SKN Photography

inaugural annual White Plains Crit on Sunday, Carol Gale took 1st in the women’s field followed by Sarah Sauvayre of BH-Comedy Central in 2nd. Matt Seaton of Rapha took 3rd in the 40+, and Chris Chong Tenn of Diehard took 3rd in the 3-4’s. Harold Chang of the Westwood Velo Subteam took 3rd in the 5’s.