Please read the letter below from the Central Park Conservancy. It is very important that we show our support for the Park and the Conservancy in this time of their need. If possible, come to the picnic on October 17. If not you can still contribute to the Conservancy. You can contribute via the CRCA membership page or directly to the CPC. Please mention your connection to CRCA, if you pledge directly to the Conservancy.

As a regular visitor to Central Park and friend of the Central Park
Conservancy, you have certainly heard about or seen the destruction to
the trees and landscapes of the northern section of Central Park caused
by a severe storm of on August 18. While the impact of the storm is
most visible above 86th Street, the entire Park is affected as limited
resources must be redirected to the areas destroyed the storm.

It will take the Conservancy months to clean up the damage and restore
Central Park’s landscapes-an effort estimated to cost $3 million.
Community response has been positive and the Conservancy has raised just
over $600,000 from members and other donors. It is a great start, but
we need Century Road Club Association’s help to bridge that funding
gap, ensuring that your members-and all Park users-can continue to enjoy
the Park that they know, love, use, and depend on so much.

The Central Park Conservancy is organizing “The Grill on the Hill,”
a special fundraising event on Saturday, October 17. The Grill on the
Hill will feature fabulous food, live music and entertainment, contests,
family activities, tours, and more.

Buy Tickets.

Read the Great Hill Games rules.