As part of its ongoing efforts to improve Club Races, the CRCA Board is committed to accurate and timely reporting of results.  Therefore, for the remainder of the 2014 season, full field results will be posted to by midnight on the same day of the race.

Following a vote of the Board of Directors, the following rules will also be in effect beginning at this Saturday’s 5/24 Club Race:

1)  As is customary, top ten results for each field will be posted at the Rambles area of Central Park immediately following the race.  Top ten results are final per USAC’s rules 15 minutes after they are posted for dispute.  If you believe you placed in the top ten, you should stay after the race to verify your result. If you are unable, please ask a teammate to stay for you.  Top ten results will not be changed following this dispute period, no matter what.

2) All other results may be disputed before midnight on Tuesday by email. All disputes will be considered on Wednesday and email confirmations will be sent out then.  Please note we will only consider disputes that are clearly a result of typos, transcription errors, or poorly-pinned bib numbers. 

E.g., “I got 19th instead of 20th” is not a valid dispute, whereas “I did a very poor job of pinning my number. I think I am the unknown rider listed in 20th place.  I’ll do a better job of pinning my number next time” is a valid dispute.

3) Only the finishline camera will be considered in resolving disputes. No other photos can be submitted.

Please note that, unlike professional results services, CRCA does not own an 8ft tripod for its finishline camera.  Your bib number should be pinned on your side rather than your back.  Ask a friend to be sure that your bib number is visible.

Any disputes, questions, or concerns should be sent to clubracing[at]