CRCA Board Meeting

May 30th, 2012, 7:00 pm

Location: 300 e 85th (Corner of 2nd Ave) Conference Room

Meeting Commenced 7pm

1. Financial review and options:

Our financial report showing a full year forecasts surplus compared to our budgeted break-even position.  A couple of points to note on this:

– Membership will be at or close to budget

– Sponsorships received were not budgeted for (major reason for surplus)

– To date the stipend program has not been significantly accessed and in all likelihood we won’t spend the budgeted or forecasted amount

– Junior development was funded by member contributions – we budgeted additional just in case, but this will not be needed

– We assume our open races will run at a deficit

– We have spent more than budgeted for capital type items (finish line camera, tent, lights etc.)

To limit the surplus the board agreed to look for ways to spend money in a reasonable way that is beneficial to the membership and things the membership cares about.

– A contribution to the StarTrack program

– Increase the funding for the year end party (improve the event and/or lessen the cost)

– Identify additional capital expenditure items that will improve our race quality

2. Race registration at club races:

  • – As a result of 5/19 Men’s A-race selling out, board discussed possible registration options. In this race, pre-registration was offered to both donor and dinosaur (10+ years) members.
  • – Send a warning email to members about possibility of race selling out
  • – Increase field maximum to 150 (Board OPPOSED)
  • – Distribute field Master 55+ race with women’s field (Board OPPOSED)
  • – Decrease team maximum (perhaps implement next year)
  • – Limit pre-registration to donor members only (Board AGREED)
  • – New field (possible that permit limits to 4? Still the board is undecided if this is a viable solution)

3. Club transportation for hire to Pawling:

Board discussed the possibility of providing transportation to Pawling road race for members at cost.

– Following meeting (after investigating cost), board decided that providing such transportation was not economically practical.

4. New membership Review:

  • – Number of new members are at expectation
  • – Because of complaint amongst new members about difficulty integrating into the club, board discussed possible avenues for inclusion:
  • – Social event
  • – Generation of CRCA subteams
  • – Listerv exclusively for unattached riders
  • – Informational session for new cat 4/5 riders
  • – Dedicated skills session- how to ride as a team
  • – C field rostering- via dedicated listerv

Rod has agreed to reach out to all Cat 5 new racers and seek feedback

5. Harlem Criterium sponsorship update

-Board has confirmed sponsorship of Harlem criterium.

– Foundation and Champion System will only be included

-Not enough Cat1 racers to develop CRCA composite team

6. Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA president) invited to observe Maltese:

-His attendance has been confirmed

7. Women’s clinic update

-25 registered

-Organized by Radical Media

8. Other business:


  • – Need for more instructions- Instructional video?
  • – Marshals need to be more pro-active
  • – Marshals need to remain at post to very end— directive administered by Paulette
  • – Moto should be assigned from early-finishing field to tail the A field and indicate they are done (and marshals should be instructed to wait to leave until instructed by a moto)
  • – Marshals arrive too late

Recent suspension of two riders (previous email discussion)

Recent suspension of two riders at the club race on 5/19 for racing without registering when the field was full; a rider from Foundation and another from Houlihan Lokey. The board considered the facts presented. Rod and Rob recused themselves from the process in the case of the Foundation rider because of conflict of interest. The remaining board members considered the information, determined that the Foundation rider had not checked in for the race, and he was therefore suspended for one race and all team members were relegated in the race.  In the case of the other rider, he was identified by the finish line video as being in the race, but not found on the start list. A member of the board contacted him, and he confirmed he started the race after being informed it was full.  He was suspended for two races with no team penalty, since no team members placed in that race