Club members asked for more open races, and they and others in the New York Area are getting yet another on June 30th with the Central Park Classic Race presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge. This race is the longest one of the year in Central Park, with a finish at Engineer’s Gate and 9.2 laps for the Mens 1-2-3 race, 8.2 laps for the men’s 3’s, and 7.2 laps for the men’s 4 and women’s 3/4 fields. Starting on the 2nd lap for each field, there will be a Harlem Hill Points Prime competition, sponsored by Accelerade and 2nd Surge with $50 prizes for the winners. Details to be announced.  In addition, the Central Park Classic is a part of all three CRCA Open Race Series Competitions, the the Men’s 1/2 Series presented by Sids Bikes, the Men’s 3 Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge (competitors for the 3 series must race in the cat. 3 field for the Central Park Classic for points to count), and the Women’s 3/4 series presented by Bike Doctor NYC.

There will be a fun chance to socialize and pick up numbers on June 28, from 6-8 PM at Third and Long, 523 Third Avenue at E35th Street. And you don’t just get a chance to drink booze, but event-sponsor Accelerade will provide samples for the event (the samples need not be consumed on the spot).