CRCA Board Meeting-Minutes

Date:              January 8, 2013, 6:30 pm

Location:       300 e 85th (Corner of 2nd Ave) Conference Room


1)     2013 Coaching schedule/plan (Scot) including discussion as to whether we should make skills coaching sessions mandatory for all new racers in the club prior to racing in club races to promote safety

–         Board agreed that skills coaching sessions would be made mandatory for brand new racers. Racers with prior translational race experience may be exempt from this mandate.

–         After completion of this requirement, new racers will be exempt from one marshal duty.

–         The exact formatting of coaching sessions still needs to be solidified, but will include some classroom instructions and on-bike skills sessions. It will parallel with NYSBRA’s guidelines (waiting on the release of the revised 2013 guidelines).

–         Coaches may also be riding with men’s Cat5 and W4 fields early in the season to provide instruction.

2)     5th field trial proposal & Pre-registration for club race

–         As a pilot, board agreed to run a 5th field during the first CRCA race. The 5th field will be a men’s masters +45 field. Board will assess permanent implantation afterwards.

Pros: Would provide more racing opportunities, help relieve race close-outs

Concerns: Additional overlaps with women’s field, Fields overlapping at the finish

-Board agreed that it will not provide pre-registration for club races. Pre-registration will still be offered to Donor members.

3)     Proposal to make all women’s fields open for the season (i.e. including club races)

-Board agreed to maintain women’s club races as open to club members only

4)     Race calendar finalization including W3/4 series dates, clinic dates and race formats

– Still in progress

– Dates with the park, as well as finish line locations have been set.

-4/20/13 Women’s Clinic

-6/1/13 Dave Jordan Memorial Race

-7/21/13 Maltese

-8/10/13 Mengoni

5)     Survey feedback document

-Board will provide members with a concise recap highlighting key member concerns and how the board plans on addressing them.   Members will also have web access to a more detailed version of survey responses.

6)     Team Duties for 2013

-Teams register for duties by April 1.

-Duties assigned first come, first served.

-If an event is cancelled, team is still held accountable to obtain some (1/2) team duty credits.

-David will update the application submission process, allowing for electronic submission and updating the required fields.

7)     2012 actual financial statements (Lisa)

-Board reviewed statement from 2012

-Some expenditures still pending

8)     2013 budget (input on price changes, if any; detailed budget to come pending review of 2012 actual revenue and spending)

-Assuming budget for 2013 will remain roughly the same

-To consider for 2013:

-Equipment expenses will not be the same, i.e. money spent on generators, tents, etc. Was discussed to perhaps provide motos and marshals with radios this year.

-Sponsorship revenue may not be the same

-Membership fees and race day fees will remain the same as 2012.

9)     Other Items

-Members will be able to pick-up numbers in late February at Third and Long