On a very cold morning, Dave Taylor wins the A race, Gregg Waggoner wins the B race again, only confirmed result from the C race was Jonathan Giahn in 4th place, and Kristen Lotito wins the Women’s race.

Race Place Number Name Team
A 1 4 David Taylor Fuoriclasse/Discover Chirpractic
2 39 Chris Leong BH/Garneau
3 149 Matt Seaton Rapha Racing
4 23 Igor Volsheteyn Jonathon Adler Racing
5 32 Kyle Peppo CRCA
6 83 Thomas Pennell Blue Ribbons – Translations
7 64 Ira Blumberg Setanta
Lap Times 15:31 14:56 15:02 15:07 15:03 15:04
B 1 399 Greg Waggoner Sids Bikes NYC
2 229 Brian Collet Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez
3 307 Graham Macbeth Setanta
4 ??? NY Velo rider Siggi’s/NY Velocity
5 347 Nicolas Lawson Setanta
6 ??? Sid’s ride Sids Bikes NYC
7 ??? Tony Munoz Foundation
Lap Times 16:15 15:50 15:37 15:30 15:47
C 1 ???
2 ???
3 412 Jonathan Giahn Asphalt Green
4 ???
5 ???
6 ???
7 ???
Lap Times 16:31 15:48 16:02 15:08
W 1 630 Kristin Lotito Houlihan-Lokey/Sanchez
2 729 Raquel Miller CRCA
3 710 Renee Engelhardt NY Velocity Women’s Racing
4 723 Anneliese Haines NY Velocity Women’s Racing
5 737 BrittLee Bowman CRCA
6 ??? Danielle Kosecki Asphalt Green
7 616 Sarah Sauvayre Comedy Central – Sid’s Bikes
Lap Times 18:06 17:27 17:39 18:08


Rider 445 Sai-Kit Wong from NY Velocity was spotted by a marshal entering the joggers lane at E 65th st and will receive a warning.

Jim Boyd and Team Cup Points have been updated.

If you were in the C field you need to check in with the race official immediately after the race.  We had a problem with the camera and only one C rider checked in after the race.  E-mailing after the race will not get the results updated.


From the Club Race Protocol Page


The race officials will compile results for each field in the parking lot immediately after the race. Riders who think that they’ve placed in the top seven should report to the race director to confirm their result. The race officials are obliged to attempt to pick and list the top seven finishers only.
Results will be posted and after a 15 protest period the results will be official and no subsequent changes will be made in normal circumstances.

If you believe you placed in the race, please also check with the Race Director immediately afterwards to confirm your placing and pick up any prizes; usually the top three finishers in each field receive a small cash prize. Prizes not claimed on the day of the race are forfeited. Similarly, if you have any protests or complaints about results or the conduct of other riders, inform with the Race Director immediately following the race.