Prior to Race Day:

•  Your annual marshal assignments must be scheduled.


CRCA jerseys (gold-and-blue or sub-team jerseys) ONLY. Cold-weather jackets or rain capes are allowed.

Number Placement:

Numbers pinned on the right ride for all races

Safety/Courtesy Before, During and After the Race


Members who breach any rules of racing (whether USAC rules or club specific rules are subject to action by the club or USAC.

Whether intentional or not, riders found to have been racing in the runners lane in Central Park will result in the following:

  • disqualification of the member from the race (in all cases, no exceptions)
  • relegation of teammates in the same field scoring Jim Boyd & Team Cup points in the race (applied whenever applicable)
  • suspension of the member for a period determined by the board, but not less than one club race (suspension period based on the facts and circumstances including the extent to which team penalties were also applied); and
  • in conjunction with the chief referee, reporting the member to USAC cycling for a breach of USAC rules and a recommendation for suspension of the member’s license (in situations of flagrant violations and repeat offenders)


• Immediately after the finish continue moving in a straight path well past the finish line.
• Members or Teams will be disqualified from the current race and/or suspended from future races for standing in the road and/or runners lane after a race.

Race Day

•  What: Registration
•  When: Opens at least 45 minutes or before scheduled race start.
•  Registration closes 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
•  Where: Parking lot near start-finish line just north of Still Hunt statue on Cat’s Paw Hill (at East 78th Street).


•  completed liability release form
•  valid USA Cycling license
•  Entry fee ($15, exact change, please)


•  Bags and personal belongings may be piled in the Rambles parking lot.
NOT ON THE GRASS. The club is not responsible for items left unattended.

•  Results posted in Rambles parking lot after the last field finishes.
•  Visit the USAC Rulebook for protest information:
•  Racers believing they placed in the top seven should confirm their result with the Race Director.
•  Race Officials pick and list ONLY the top seven finishers.
•  The top three finishers in each field receive a small cash prize.
•  Prizes not claimed on the day of the race are forfeited.

•  A: 1, 2, & 3 Men and 1 ,2 & 3 Women
Limit – 100 riders
•  W: 1, 2, 3, 4 Women Only
Limit – 75 riders
•  B: 4 and Masters 2/3, 50+ Men* and Category 3 & 4 Women
Limit – 100 riders
•  C: 5 and Masters 4, 50+ Men* and Category 4 Women
Limit – 75 riders

* 50+ men who wish to ride down a field, must elect to do so once for the season and will stay in that field for the season.  This is not a week to week option.  In the past teams have used these inappropriately to put strong masters riders down a field for Team Cup purposes so this rule prevents that from happening.  To make an election to ride down, please contact membership[at]  To be clear, you can only start in the field in which you are listed on race day.  Doing otherwise is against USAC rules.

Team Size

Any team violating these rules will forfeit any points scored that day in either the Team Cup or Jim Boyd Award.
•  A – 7
•  W – 9
• B – 10
•  C – No limit


Race Formats

There are four race formats:

•    Scratch Races
•    Points Races
•    Harlem Hill Points Races
•    Power Points Races

Descriptions here

Visit the USA Cycling rulebook for USAC Scratch and Points rules.

Jim Boyd and Team Cup Rules

In honor of Jim Boyd, a past President, CRCA holds an individual season-long competition.
Rules – here.

The Team Cup: a season-long Team competition
Rules – here.