Minutes – CRCA Board Meeting – March 1, 2010

Attendees – David Bowen, Mike Green, David Greenberg, Cami Kornely, Jen Saunders, Gabrielle Fisher

I. Next Meeting – April 5, 2010 (Reebok Club)
II. February Minutes – Approved unanimously.
III. Forced Upgrades – Mike Green recounted discussions with Tony Slokar regarding whether the Board (or VP of Development) should institute a forced upgrade policy. Tony was not able to attend the March 1st meeting. The discussions with Tony were prompted by questions relating to a Lesnik Sniadowski , who won or placed in a significant number of B races in 2009 and arguably has remained in the B field for longer than appropriate. David Greenberg noted that sandbagging is a perennial issue, particularly in Cat 3 and Cat 4 fields, but cautioned the Board from becoming actively involved in forced upgrades without clearly defined, accountable criteria. Mike Green noted that Lezsek was, when compared to other CRCA Cat 4s, the 10th highest ranked CRCA Cat 4 in US Cycling rankings in 2009 (i.e., 9 CRCA Cat 4’s were ranked higher by US Cycling in 2009). Mike Green moved to require the VP of Development to present to the Board an upgrade policy based on clear, measurable criteria before forcing any rider to upgrade. To be clear, this motion was not an endorsement of a forced upgrade policy but, rather, a requirement to have an approved policy if the VP of Development wanted to pursue forced upgrades. This motion was approved unanimously.
IV. Sub Marshals
a. Quality – The Board discussed whether the quality of marshalling has changed (i.e., if there were individuals that were not in place on time and did not actively/fully perform their duties). In part, any quality shift may be due to the number of “rookie” marshals and/or or marshals that are non-members or did not have as vested of an interest or an appreciation for the importance of marshaling. The Board further discussed whether to add additional criteria for eligible marshals, including, for example, whether marshals must be members or certified substitutes. David Greenberg expressed a concern about raising any significant barriers to membership if fulfilling the marshaling requirement became too cumbersome.
b. Tracking Use of Substitute Marshals – Gabby Fisher agreed to analyze marshal sign-in sheets so that the Board could understand better the number of substitute marshals that were being hired.
V. Schedule Issues
a. The Board reviewed gaps in the Club race schedule between May 22nd and June 26th. Possible races to add during this time period include:
i. Bear Mtn/Lake Sebago TT
ii. Orchard Beach Criterium (Note: Permit has been requested)
iii. Alpine TT

VI. Team Duty
a. Cami gave an update on team duties, noting that we appear to have coverage for the events that the Board previously identified as priorities – Bear Mtn, TTs, Men’s and Women’s Clinics, Harlem, etc.
VII. Insurance Update –
a. Insurance has been renewed for 2010.
b. The Board is reviewing a rider to expand existing insurance.
VIII. CRCA Social Event –
a. Jen Saunders will work on developing a CRCA social event, which the Board felt would be particularly
IX. Food Vendor for Bear Mountain Races
a. Waffles & Dinges (the food truck that serves waffles and which is owned by a Belgian who is a big cycling fan) has agreed to appear the spring Bear Mountain race. However, David Bowen will need to confirm with Bear Mountain Park that we have all necessary permits for this.

David Greenberg
CRCA Secretary