CRCA Board Meeting
June 7, 2010

Attendees — Sonny Bindra, David Bowen, Chris Forsyth, Mike Green, David Greenberg, Camie Kornely, Wendy Nickerson, and Tony Slokar.

1. Next Board Meeting — Monday, July 12th, 6:45 p.m.

2. 501(C)(3)/Junior Program – Ken Harris, who has run the CRCA juniors program attended the Board Meeting to present a proposal under which CRCA would authorize the creation of a 501(c)(3) organization through which the CRCA junior program would be run. Ken advocated creating a 501(c)(3) organization to facilitate fundraising for CRCA juniors, since this status would enable donors to receive a tax deduction. As a matter of background, it should be noted that CRCA is not a 501(c)(3) organization but is instead a 501(c)(7), a non-profit recreational club, and that as a 501(c)(7), donations to CRCA are not tax-deductible. CRCA tried to convert to a 501(c)(3) several years ago but this effort met with resistance at the IRS and ultimately CRCA withdrew its application to change its status. Kenis proposal to the Board included the following: (i) estimated costs for 501(c)(3) filing [$3,000], (ii) description of the 501(c)(3) mission [to promote the development of athletes for national and international competition], (iii) proposed Board composition [4 Board members proposed, comprised of CRCA prior Board members and/or others with a long history of involvement in cycling (e.g., Charlie Issendorf)], and (iv) review of 2010 expenditures and estimated funding requirements for 2011 ($8,000). Ken expected that if the 501(c)(3) were created in a timely manner, donations would soon enable the junior program to be self-sufficient. The Board reviewed Kenis proposal and discussed whether the mission of the 501(c)(3) could/should be expended to other causes beyond junior development and whether the proposed structure was ideal to ensure a link between CRCA and the proposed 501(c)(3) organization. Following discussion, the Board voted unanimously (1) to authorize retaining counsel to set-up a 501(c)(3) based on the estimated cost and subject to the Board approving the mission statement of the 501(c)(3) and (2) to continue funding of the junior program for 2011 based on the current proposed budget of $8,000.

3. Team Duties/Team Issues — Camie Kornely described a number of issues where open races will list individuals that have CRCA sub-team affiliations (e.g., Jordan/Zephyr or Brauer/Mick Management) when these individuals are not CRCA members. Camie has contacted team managers to address this but has not received responses. The Board discussed this generally but there was no motion to take any current action. Camie will monitor this situation and will see what response she gets from the teams at issues.

4. CPC Event — The Central Park Conservancy had approached CRCA regarding having an event that would promote park safety. Mike Green had discussed several ideas with CPC, including (based on feedback from the Board), a possible weekday morning race (e.g., held in the upper end of the park, using the 102nd street cut-off and going clockwise up the hill to 110th street). Mike reported that although CPC was interested in an event and possibly a race as proposed by CRCA, the Parks Department is not interested in any additional events.

5. Website Updates — The Board discussed the following updates to the CRCA website: (1) add tab for juniors, (2) have Alex Rodriguez post results as part of his post-race accounting to the Board, and (3) describe Board positions, to assist members who may be considering running for Board positions.

6. Bear Mountain – Although there have been road issues in Harriman Park, it currently appears that we will not have any road closures and that the race will be held. We will thus proceed on this assumption and will make changes (marshaling, etc) if the fall race cannot be held.

6. Litigation Status – Mike Green will follow-up with CRCAis counsel to find out the status of the case pending against CRCA in which a marshal claimed that CRCA was liable for injuries sustained when a recreational cyclist struck a marshal. Motions to dismiss this case were filed.

David Greenberg
CRCA Secretary