2011 is here, and some 28 riders officially (some head counts at 50 by the time the group rode over the GWB), set out from Engineer’s Gate Central Park (E.90th St and 5th Ave) at 7:35am. They rolled off easily enough, for 2 laps prior to undertaking the full 100 miles to the Bear Mountain Inn and Carousel, and back. Weather was brilliant! It was in the high 30’s at the start and getting into the 50’s by the time they would get back…some riders with video cameras, some with fenders for all the melting run-off, and some just happy to be there and no intention to set any records.

About 1:00pm, 5 hours and 24 minutes elapsed when 3 riders gently rolled back to the start:
Christoffel Prinsloo (CRCA/BH-Garneau),
Philip Mooney (Raleigh UK, and in town for the week, from San Francisco before heading over to the UK professional racing calendar), and
Steve Marmo (CRCA/Asphalt Green). Mooney and Prinsloo separated themselves on the climbs after the turn around at the Bear Mountain Carousel, and Marmo bridged back aptly at the GWB!
Many others came in after that (I stayed until 1:45pm), some had early mishaps or mechanicals, all safe and sound, all happy to have gotten in some miles to fight off the holiday excess, and carried on in the tradition…

(BTW, the first Club Race is just over 2 months away!!!)

See you out on the road, and at the CRCA 2010 Awards Party, Monday, 1/10!
All the best for 2011!!!

Dave Jordan