Final Series Standings

Final Standings in the CRCA Open Racing Series have been published here:

These Series were only made possible via generous support from our sponsors. Please thank those sponsors that are supporting amateur racing in the New York City area with your business. Without them these series would not exist.

If you have any questions regarding the Series please contact Matthew Vandivort at openracing[at]

Men’s P/1/2 Series presented by SIDS Bikes

In the Men’s P/1/2 Open Racing Series Michael Boardman (CRCA/BH Comedy Central) used his time trialing prowess to win the series and with it a new CAAD10 frame courtesy of SIDS Bikes. Greg Olsen (ChampSys p/b Stan’s NoTubes/CRCA) finished second following his victory at Orchard Beach and strong TT performance. Four riders tied for third: Bryan Dobes, Brian Breach, Cesar Marte and Evan Murphy.

Men’s 3 Series presented by 2nd Surge

The Men’s 3 Series was the most hotly contested of the Open Racing Series with the victory coming down to the Mengoni Grand Prix. In the end Andrew Estevez (innovation bike) narrowly beat out Jonathan Giahn (CRCA/Asphalt Green Cycling Team) by a single point with Ramphy Colome (CRCA/Generro Restaurant) taking third (again by a single point behind Jonathan Giahn). All three riders will receive cash prizes.

Women’s 3/4 Series presented by Bike Doctor NYC

In the Women’s 3/4 Series Britlee Bowman (CRCA/Innervation) was a dominant force, winning four of the six events to win the series and with it a brand new Ultegra group courtesy of Bike Doctor NYC. Carol-Lynn Mills (CRCA/Houlihan Lockey) scored consistently throughout the series to take second and Renee Engelhardt rounded out the podium.