Just a friendly reminder that the upcoming FBF TT is included in three of the club’s open racing series:

  • Men’s P/1/2 Series presented by SID’S Bikes
  • Men’s Cat 3 Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge
  • Women’s Development Cat 3 Series presented by Bike Doctor NYC

Each of these series have great prizes on the line including a CAAD10 frame for the winner of the Men’s 1/2 Series (currently being led by Greg Olsen following his Orchard Beach victory) and an Ultegra grouppo for the winner of the Women’s 3/4 Development Series (currently being led by BritLee Bowman).

There is still lots of racing left in these series (including the Alpine Hill Climb on June 23rd) so don’t miss your chance to score some points in the competition and sign up for the FBF TT on bikereg: https://www.bikereg.com/Net/15598

The FBF TT is sponsored by Lucarelli and Castaldi:

Lucarelli and Castaldi is a major supporter of NYC cycling and in 2012 the firm is sponsoring four CRCA open races including the Maltese Memorial and theMaster’s Throwdown. To learn more about L&C personal injury practice visit their website at:  http://lucarelliandcastaldi.com/



Open Racing Series Sponsors

Accelerade and 2nd Surge are the Club’s 2012 title sponsors.  Their sponsorship agreement includes the CRCA Club Race Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge, the Central Park Classic presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge and the NYC Men’s Cat 3 Series presented by Accelerade and 2nd Surge.  For more information on Accelerade please visit http://pacifichealthlabs.com/


SID’S Bikes is one of the premier bike shops in New York City.  They are a major sponsor of cycling in the region, including via the SID’S CRCA sub-team and  sponsorship of several other teams. In 2012 they are sponsoring the P/1/2 series presented by SID’S Bikes.  To learn more about SID’S visit their website at: http://www.sidsbikes.com/




Bike Doctor NYC is title sponsor for CRCA’s 2012 Women’s Development Program, which includes the Women’s Development 3/4 Series and the Women’s 4 Series.  Bike Doctor NYC is also a sponsor for the Women’s Clinic. Bike Doctor NYC offers technical, educational and infrastructural cycling services. Check them out at www.bikedoctornyc.com.