In addition to product samples (some of which were distributed at Race Number Pick-up) as part of the club’s 2012 sponsorship agreement with Accelerade and 2nd Surge we are pleased to offer CRCA members special pricing on all sports nutrition products at

To access this pricing visit the Member Benefits section of the website which is accessible under the “Membership” menu after logging in.  Or click here, then log in.

We will continue to add to the benefits offered on the Member Benefits page throughout the year so check back regularly.  If you are interested in offering discounts to CRCA members please contact openracing[at]


When introduced in 2003, Accelerade, with its patented 4:1 ratio of carb to protein, represented a dramatic departure from conventional carb-only sports drinks. Accelerade also demolished the conventional dogma regarding the importance of protein to help fuel muscle cells and improve rehydration, the two essential criteria for a sports drink. Study after study has confirmed the superiority of protein-powered Accelerade in terms of increase endurance, reduction in muscle damage and more effective hydration.


Bonking. Hitting the wall. Blowing up. What causes extreme fatigue? Researchers have identified two fatigue centers; one in the brain, the other in muscles.  2nd Surge is the first all-natural energy gel specifically formulated to delay the onset of both muscle and brain fatigue.