Century Road Club Association (CRCA) New Year’s Day Ride 2012



Start time & location

Start time: 7:30 AM @ Engineer’s Gate (90th & 5th Avenue)

The course

2 laps around Central Park, north using St. Nicholas Avenue to the GWB, to 9 W North.

• The course detours just South of Nyack

• You can either climb up just before entering Nyack
• go through Nyack and use any of the access roads back west to 9 W

Either way you will climb Rockland Hill and continue on 9 W for the rest of the ride.

The “Classic” Ride used to end at the Bear Mountain Inn Building in the parking lot. The Ride exited 9 W turning Left onto South Entrance Road to the Service Road on this Map:

Zoom in once & scroll down the initial map view south of Hessian Lake to the Service Road.

If you go there, the Inn Bldg. is closed.

There is a Merry-Go-Round & a Parks Administration office in that parking lot. Both are open.


Scroll down to Merry Go Round segment.

• The Administration office is for business.
• Suggested is the Merry-Go-Round.
• It is staffed, heated and has bathrooms.

The return is the same route, finishing up by turning Left @ 110th St & riding South on Fifth Avenue to 90th St.

Have fun! And Happy New Year!


Day Before the Ride:

Celebrate New Year’s!

  • Clean bike; clean and lube chain
  • Lay out your CRCA kit
  • Organize Ride needs:
  • extra clothes if cold or wet weather
  • During & post-Ride nutrition
  • completed and signed 2012 USAC liability release

Day Of:

Preparation Tips:

  • Dress appropriately for the weather
  • Remember signed release form
  • Report to start 5-10 minutes before start time