Next weekend, in addition to crazy prize money totaling $12,500 at the Dave Jordan Central Park Classic, we will be running an Omnium with the White Plains Criterium. Details on eligibility and scoring can be found below.


DJC       WPC
M4          M4
M3          M3/4 (Mens 3 only @ WPC)
M1/2       M123 (Mens 1/2 only @ WPC)
W1234   W123 (Womens 123 @ DJC)
W1234   W4    (Women’s 4 only @ DJC)
Racers MUST compete in both races to be eligible for prizes in the Omnium. Points will go 15 deep.


Elite Men: $500 3 places
Elite Women: $500 3 places
M3: $250 3 places
M4: $250 3 places
W4: $250 3 places
Sign up for Dave Jordan: Dave Jordan on BikeReg
Sign up for White Plains: White Plains Crit on BikeReg