CRCA Women’s Clinic 2011

On June 5th, Radical Media teamed up with Fuoriclasse Racing-Discover
Chiropractic to host the women’s introduction to racing clinic—a simulated
3-lap race around Central Park. Many racers got their start at this annual
event, including Evelyn Stevens who has skyrocketed into highest ranks of
the international circuit in a few short years.

It was a great turnout with 35 women sacrificing their weekend sleep for the
early-dawn race. Backgrounds varied from recreational cyclist to triathlete
to women making do with borrowed bikes. Before the line-up, Radical Media’s
Ashley Prine calmed nerves with a pre-race instructional talk. Veteran CRCA
racers did a great job with the peloton providing support, encouragement and
coaching throughout.

From start to finish, strong riders maintained a high pace. Attacks on the
west-side rollers spiced up each lap while the field successfully chased
them down. Prime winners–Stephanie Kaplan, Marylynne Wrye, and Maria
Mahn–rocked it on Cat’s Paw, shedding a few more riders from the field. A
breakaway group at the final climb up Harlem Hill couldn’t maintain their
advantage but they led the field to the finish. Race winner Stephanie Kaplan
went for it early–at the bottom of Cat’s Paw–followed close behind by Sara
Herman and Luci Olewinski for 2nd and 3rd for a long sprint finish at the

A recap and Q&A session with cycling coach Tara Parsons followed the race
along with prizes and goodie bags generously donated by members of CRCA, and
our product and bike shop sponsors. Prizes included private coaching from
Ann Marie Miller, coaching and a bike fit session from David Taylor (both on
Fuoriclasse Racing-Discover Chiropractic), a massage from cyclist Betsy
Hafkin, a signed HTC jersey from Evelyn Stevens, products from the Sportique
skin care line and a gift certificate from Bicycle Habitat. To reward the
newbie racers for their efforts and courage, all participants received
products from Peanut Butter and Co., Accenture water bottles, Fluid
Recovery, and Clif. Many thanks for all of your support.

All in all, a great day for bike racing.